5 Simple ways for Summer Hair..



During Summer, we get overwhelmed over our strong shiny hair, and feel lazy to take care of it! I figured to add some tips to get it through the season. After all, I don’t want a weak or brittle hair at the beginning of fall semester! Here’s 5 simple tips to achieve extra healthy hair.

 1. Don’t Skip The Conditioner! You would want your hair to feel healthy after shampoo! Conditioner basically is (ready moisture enriching formula), gives instant conditioning results!

 2. Rinse with cold water! This part of cleaning my hair is my favorite. I keep a bottle of cool water -fresh drinking water- to rinse my hair before drying it with a towel. It flushes salty water or chlorinated swimming pool water, leaving my hair less frizz and less tangled! Also, cold water closes pores and cuticles , so no dirt can inter through my scalp! Finally, cold water sealed the conditioner giving my hair the opportunity to shine!!

 3. Use a Hair Mask Once Week! hair mask replenish your hair. Weather it’s a home made or a drugstore one. Make sure it has the perfect hydrated element for your hair type like avocado or coconut,  because it’s effectively going to repair the damage.

 4. Leave In Cream! I know how much most of us don’t like it! But for this summer you need to let it work its magic to tame the frizz and maintain those curl soft & gorgeous! All you need is a walnut size, rub it between your palms and apply it to your hair sections by fingers. You may as well, choose the consistency that goes with your thick or dry or thin hair!

 5. Use a Heat Protector even when you’re not going to use any hot tools! Because why not!! Think about it if a heat protector going to shield 230 degree or more.. it’s definitely good to shield sun heat on the beach! Some brands provide heat protectors with UV protection. Avail them both and you’re ready for your vacation!


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