Snack Pack: Dried Fruits



Recently, I discovered the joyful of dried, mini ,white fig .

As a seeker of healthy snacks that impose & sustain my functions during long days. This incredibly delicious fruit really helped! if you love chewing or using your teeth, then definitely you are going to love it. It has the sweetness taste of jam not to mention the tiny, crunchy little seeds in the fig!

what makes it the best and healthiest snack ever Is.. 

Dried Fig has a high level of soluble dietary fiber, works as a natural laxative. Now you know what to eat if you ever had constipation. It also works well for you if you’re -small meals- kind of person, and you have a problem with bowel habits. Although dried fig has approximately high calories 249 calories per 100 gm USD nutritional facts , but everything has its price! Because it contains adequate amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc! It’s also rich source of vitamins B complex. Nevertheless, fig is full of polyphenol compounds packaged as antioxidants. Personally, I don’t think how much calories, snack portion is 3 pieces if the fruit is in a normal size, 5-6 pieces if it’s in a mini size. The results will be A perfect 100 calories !

In the other hand, fig is low in sugar, so the snack isn’t only ideal for a diet, but also for diabetic patients.

There are many type of fig, the most famous are (black mission) most esteemed and available specially as dried, I also tried it out, it’s delicious. (High brown) or (brown turkey) grown across the world.(Kadota)As known as White fig, commonly in California.

There are many recommendations from ancients in several cultures for this little fruit! My cultural background is one of them. When I was a little, I ate the fresh fruit and loved it. Fig has been a thing in my childhood, I bet in yours as well. Who doesn’t heard of fig biscuit or bars?! Moms forced out their children to eat it for the sake of it’s benefits, and they were right! 
Back then I had a minor allergy to the skin that covers it. I was enjoying the taste, but suffering afterwards. The Dried Fruit doesn’t cause me any allergy, and I’m happy with that.

Nowadays, I feel adventurous to try out many things I haven’t been on, so dried fig is one of them, and I’m so glad I did.

If you have tried any kind of dried fruits, let me know 🙂 
Also let me know what your healthy snack choices are?


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