What we Do is Who we are


Every time my friends try to make me engaged in activities with their casual friends, I don’t feel comfortable! They always point out that they’re good people with good intentions?! I say ” You Did Say What? ” . Everybody should hold some kindness. It’s part of being human in the first place! Despite my logical thinking that kills the fun I could have, I think I am a seeker of -Qality- all the time! So my unconscious mind was telling me that I am not going to have fun with them. In many times I tried and felt awfulawful to join them. Then I found myself not accepting these invitations. For one reason. I want to wake up the next day feeling refresh and vibrant! Enjoying my time with them in the first place, or why do I keep blend with people that won’t make me feel happy to proceed my next task?! I may overrate casual events, but in serious situations contemplating aren’t accepted for me I have bigger picture I want to look into when I want to see myself, and only actions move me to mastery.


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