Back to university|Nursing Student Edition


I have been busy sorting my life, getting everything ready for upcoming Fall 2015 semester/second year! L am exited to go back to university to learn, especially that I’ll have my first clinical experience, for those who aren’t in Health Sciences majors, it is where we go using clinical skills that we learned and deal with real patients, and learn more and more! for me yes I feel a bit nervous and worried, although we are prepared for this. It is strange that I feel unprepared since the semester is about to start. I also feel a bit emotional?! Honestly I don’t know why?! either way it is not good, I have a lot of work to do. I’ll post later my first clinical day experience. Now to my Tips for getting ready to University, Collage or school.

# Clean your placeroom : one of the important things to do before a new studying year is to clean your house if you live alone or your room if you live in your parents, dormitory, sorority.. etc. Dust and other sticking dirt is affecting your Respiratory System as well as your health in general, some people are susceptible to get allergy from unknown materials, more people have allergies because they don’t follow simple hygienic habits . So you need to create a clean environment around you.

# Organize closetDrawers : Having your room organized will save you a lot of time looking for your stuff! Besides, it is good to feel that everything in its place. With days passing and your schedule is full of academic plus extra things, you will thank yourself for it! you will feel comfortable living in that place. You Will Go relax as soon as you arrive instead of start cleaning!

# Rearrange your studying area: If I delayed cleaning is because of one reason! I don’t want to touch my studying area!! it’s full of binders and papers and textbooks. I want to redecorate it also! I get bored easily from places I spend most of my time in. I think of doing a new decor adding new pieces to beautify it! so don’t hesitate to make the most of it before the semester begins!

# Make a list of what you need : I went shopping last couple of weeks, and I haven’t done of my list yet. I ordered a white trainer ( Nike Wmn Revolution EU ) most sites has 20% off on them so that is a bonus, the shoe has a good quality and they are comfortable. Get them here.


Be noted that comfoy OVER style! take care of your feet you will spend a lot of time in that shoes.


Check your dressing code for Scrub, color of your scrub, the properties of the fabric, then buy two. Here is a list of Brand that is a good quality but also cheap – Adar Universal Unisex Drawstring Scrub Set (click) – WonderWink Women’s Scrubs (click)- Cherokee Uniforms (click) . I got one from adar which has antimicrobial and absorbing property! I still smell good at the end of the day. If you have a local scrub store you might wanna check it out! I have few good locals I buy from them.

I also got new sport shoes + watch + wallet


Skechers is being a love for the affordable quality they provide us, I purchased from ( Skechers Air Cooled Memory Foam collection ) for the love of the design and features! This collection has :

  • Dual -Lite – cushion steps, absorb impact, light weight and flexible. Totally what my feet need! I hurt my feet before wearing unsuitable sport shoes! so please choose what you feel is comfortable for your own foot.
  • Bio dry insole, moisture wicking fabric, quick drying, breathable, provide protecting against odors, antimicrobial barrier. since I spend most of my day wearing them, they are brilliant. At the end of the day I don’t feel pain nor sweating inside them. I really don’t have odors smelling from them. They feel like cloud when you walk I highly recommend.

This design maybe not available in some stores or websites, but Memory foam feature is available in other designs like this one here.

Nike Wallet : Basic wallet, I have a lot of cards to carry it with me, I needed a wallet that can hold my things and my money and feel light to carry in my lab coat pocket, as well as practical to use!



Plastic Watch: I heard from other Nursing students that buy a plastic cheap watch so you can easily sterile it after clinical, they are right you don’t need to wear your fancy watch.


# Get a Planner/agenda notebook : Write down everything you have to do starting from assignments, to washing your laundry ! Always keep it with you, always be organized!

# Buy your essential stationary : I found myself wasting time last year over buying notebooks, Badge holder,Pens, Highlighters, Binders, Sticky notes, Files, why haven’t I done it earlier!! plus it is crowded and I might not have what I am looking for. So I had my basics 10 days early.


After day one clinical, first week , make another list of extra stuff and go buy them. My favorite binder is from mead five star, easy to take off your notes and practical to use, take a look here.  

I got one notebook for all my courses, most of Nursing students keep one notebook for every course! dodon’tdos you. I’ve got 4 color pen easier to carry in clinical for documentation as well as my notes, and a badge holder.


# Backpack or whatever you carry to uni with you! buy a high quality and invest your money with, I got one that ripped off half way the semester! I’ve got black Nike afterward.

# Print out your schedule/syllabus : put them in your binders, have an extra copy of your schedule in your planner.

# Buy your necessary text books : some colleges have text books lists within their schedules or their learning resources online. I don’t have that unfortunately! My higher levels colleagues told me what books I am gonna need, but I am not going to purchase them until I know what I really going to use, other than that I can borrow them from my facility.


#what I carry in My make up bag  is essential and important items to fresh myself! lip balmmat lipstick, mat powder, mascara, head band and bobby pens. small bottle of perfume or essential oil.

I hope my tips are helpful for you. let me know if you have any other tips we can use for either classes or clinical : ) will have another update post for my clinical days what should I take with me.


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