How to Stay focused


I am exactly like you I hate being yelled at with no reason. I hate being someones flipping table, or worse a bunching bag for a family member or a close friend, although they need your support. Anyway, but don’t let that ruin your day! don’t open the door for it to close the gate of your opportunity to be happy today, or tomorrow, or after a week!

Here is what you have to remind yourself with:

– The Bigger Goals! why are you here?! Of course for certain goals, aren’t you? Are this pet peeves, going to stop you from your goal? if yes then don’t let them. Part of growing up is fighting this and succeed in it!
– Be the one who brings joy, and positivity to your work place/studying area. People may have something really bad happened to their families or having enough serious problems themselves, bright their days, and be kind.

You will not feel that fulfillment feeling, when you get out of that door! unless you accomplished your goal! Go get it!

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How to Get Back Your productively as a writer

secret window (Movie) fil starring : johnny depp. One of my favorite movies that thought me and inspired me!

Secret Window (Movie), Film Starring : Johnny Depp. One of my favorite movies that tought me and inspired me!

Writing is a creative way in sharing and documenting events of mind! I consider writings as a way of expressing ourselves, thus comes the importance of putting words into a correct approach. If writing is your game,then you hate to lose in it!


Writers block is when you are in a condition where you can’t produce an original idea, or loses your creativity in completing a script or a text. Hopefully, this is temporary condition, and you can over come it by generating creativity again! Yes creativity is a sort of energy – don’t argue I am a scientist -.
Let me tell you how to quaff your energy:

1St/ Take a time away from your connections. Tide up the papers. Organize your notebooks. Turn off your devices, and leave your desk! And don’t you go to social media!

2end/ Stop the tension, and start to relax!
Set a relaxing mood for yourself. Take a bath or go to walk in the evening (least to see people). You may pray ( do some prayers ) or book a massage session, do some yoga , go cardio or boxing! As long as you are doing a solo activity that makes you relax! I recommend this  ( relaxing ) time , so you don’t think about writing , or the problem that you are facing. This step is so important because your brain needs to take a break from thinking!

3rd/  after you settled down the chaos inside you/around you. You are now ready for your next move, which is fixing your inspirations. Ask yourself? What does it really inspire you to write? Is it something inside you?! Is it a book.. Is it a person.

4th / find out your passion.
What do you like the most, and you would write out it? Did you developed a new interest lately. I guess writing makes us grow up and you might have this new thing you have to write about! It will become your new passion.

5th/ After answering 3 & 4 .
You are now into two different pathways ;
You either go to a familiar place and blind with your people, family and old friends. Or you go to a new place where it can help you with your new passion. Now you are good to go.

Tell me about your experience in facing writer’s block/ gridlock? How did you over come it?

The Bombshell

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Love-Hate TAG!

I have been tagged by the lovely blogger Oghenero. 

The tag is to list 10 things you love & 10 things you hate, then mention 10 Bloggers to do so! 

It’s a good idea to get to know me! And to know other Bloggers I like and would love to get to know them better!

Let’s start. ..

Love :


1 — I love my stuffed cupcake. Simply it makes me feel better with this pleasant smile!

2 — I love surprises!! Planned ones that make me happy! Or small things that make me grateful, maybe it’s from a stranger who make my day! I love pleasant surprises that challenge me, teach me new lessons.

3 — I love how toodlers like me! It’s weird because I don’t like children! In future if I ever settled down I would love to have children and know how to deal with them.
I come across many little humans who come to me in public places and smile! They try to catch my attention so I play with them. Once upon a time I was sitting with my friends in a park, and a mom came to set nearby. All the girls was happily ‘ awwwing ‘ at him. Except me. He actually came to me and I ignored him, so he plucked grace from the ground and he put on my hair!!!

Awkwardly, my friend introduced me to her friend who has a 2 & half yrs daughter,  my friend opened her arm for the little girl, but the girl came to me!! She picked her up, and the mom said ” she ran to her !!!! ” AWKWARD!


I recommend watermelon & pineapple flavor! It’s my dream flavor why can’t be yours!!!

4 — I love how my sister ‘sometimes’ run errands for me, while I am struggling with my full schedule! I ask for a gum & I come to this!

5 — I love how people inspire me with the smallest things they do! and then I can write about what I have seen!

6 — I love big cities which is full of shopping stores!

7 — I also adore countries and the nature of countries people!


A pic from my meal with my sister, my view!

8 — I love my new Fridays tradition called ( The Waffle Day ). I spend my evening with my sister eating waffles!  – we might eat something else any treat ! –

9 — I love the sound of rain! I love the feel/the moment of the first drop! It calms my anxiety and I feel strong!


10 — Finally.. I love myself, it took me a decade to do so, But I LoVe Me!

Hate :

1 — I hate racism & discrimination.
People are different, it is a fact. We would feel so bored if we were all the same! We disagree,  even oppose because everyone have something to believe in & party or group to live with. But since we are all humans have the same genes inside, everyone has the same right.

2 — I hate  ” Hatefulness” attitude. Which by the way grew larger by the influence of bad celebrities behavior. If you want to get your shit together,  then stopp nagging and stopp hating people instead of understanding them.

3 — I hate envy! Because it affects you somehow! You may don’t want to express yourself or show your talent because of envy! Envy people may go after you to bring you down. This is Not okay!


4 — I hate when people stare at me! Because I am beautiful.  It’s strange when I am talking about it in my blog, because I still anonymous for reasons I haven’t blog about it yet!

5 — I hate soda drinks! Especially brown ones! I don’t like their taste! I used to drink them in my childhood for the sake of … everyone does so. But when I was about 12 years old. I eliminated them. I realized I don’t need to be like everyone. I am my own personal and I hate these drinks!!

6 — I hate bullying.  It’s so stupid! One start an irrelevant opinion!  And others mimic the same shit because they thinks they’re better!

7 — Unfortunately, I hate weddings! Don’t get this wrong.  I love couples, I feel happy for them when they get engaged. Marriage is sacred to me. But I hate weddings and I can’t help it!


Marzipan episode – Chawder series on cartoon network

8 — I hate marzipan flavor!  It’s worse than Harry Potter every flavory bean!
when I was a child I ate chocolate stuffed with it, it was the first time that I came to taste this and I hate it ever since. OMG!

9 — Another kind of food I hate is Tuna! I feel nauseated by the smell! and I had a battle telling my mother that I don’t like tuna. Other than that I love all kind of sea food .

10 — I hate bugs! All kind of them! It’s the only thing that makes nature hard! And I am an outdoor peraon. So yeah!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! 




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Let’s Talk Coffee!

When someone asks me How do you prefer your coffee? I get confused! They will define which kind of person I am by telling what kind of coffee I am drinking? & No I am not scared of others judgment, but I want to give a good impression of myself.. To be specific, to give the Right impression!


Because How do I prefer it, is differ from How I actually drink it!?
(If we count the mood swings of a moody person like me plus getting bord of the same kind of coffee). I may drink a certain kind everyday because it is the only coffee of choice. but.. with me, rushing all week. Doesn’t mean it is my favorite coffee. 5 years ago my favorite coffee of all times was (black coffee)!! Yeah, I love solitude , I drink coffee in a particular time, and coffee goes along with my favorite time to read or my favorite chocolate to eat!!

Then I discovered the magic of sugar, How it gives you the extra push for the morning and The good mood that you enjoy! So, I was drinking coffee with milk + medium sugar.

I started a Healthy life style since 2012. Nowadays, I’m moving to many beverages , and many kinds of coffees.

Me drinking Italiano with a badass brownies!

Every weekend I would try a new one  in a new coffee shop. I become a fan of (Cold,coffee toffee) (Cold, caramel mocha) (Hot, cinnamon mocha) (Italian coffee). On the other side, I don’t like cappuccino! Have tried from different shops I can’t be convinced by it. I also I don’t like coffee mocha alone! Although I once had prepared it at home with ( Maltesers chocolate powder) and it was delicious. Coffee latter is not in my preferences either! I have heard of a widely famous coffees I haven’t tried yet, and would like to!! like (Cold, Salted caramel) (Hot, Pumpkin spice).

Now .. Tell me what’s Yours?!

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Studying Motivation

bombshell drawer blog-study.png

Do you know what I hate about people!! Exaggerating & non pleasant compliments aka (suck ups). I am a hard person that can not be disturbed easily ! But when it comes to those nasties. They get under my skin!

I do Not like narrow perspectives either!!! They exaggerate one simple detail and misses on the whole point?!

They have been scaring me everyone about that one course I will take, and consider it as a high risk, life threatening obstacle. Where more than half will barely make it. While I can handle it by my self. Probably YOU can TOO. 

I wish if there are more objective people in the world! sometimes colleagues have bad influence upon us, and we tend to believe them because they already had much experiences than us! If you want to do this and you like it already, don’t let anything bring you down! It is always different when it comes to your own experience! 

Your motivation is there is NO motivation! Just start, work hard and everything will fall in place

Stay motivated and Study hard!  

Career Change in Mid Twinties


Are you a twenties fellow feeling drift looking for your career! Did you just graduate from college ,or maybe you just got in?!  Do you consider what job you want to gain experience in. Did you get a job and you consider changing it, or changing a whole career?! If yes then this post might help. I’ve changed career myself, and let me tell you why.

Focus on The Reasons and Be Aware of the Consequences

After my graduation from college of science, I found myself lost!  I had a cultural shock.! No one ever talks about what happens to you after university degree, other than – Post graduate Movie – they just assume you will get it, fit in, and blend with whatever new community you will join. I am a 90’s kid and ambitious. I wanted to reach to attain a position, but I had a vague idea on how to make it !

Some of you out there may know how to achieve their dreams. Others, have a clear path to a life career! BUT what about us?! How we can deal with this situation!

There are many reasons why we are having quarter life crisis. As there are many obstacles we all cross by. One of which that I didn’t have much job opportunities to choose in order to persuade a career. Simply I didn’t find a job that could have a fulfilling career for me in the upcoming 2-5 years. Furthermore, I couldn’t enter in a Master/Postgraduate program from my school or a nearby that I can afford. After that, the pressure increased day by day to persuade a career, even if that means going for one I am not convinced of. Parents, friends, relatives and colleagues asking ” Have you got a job yet ?”. Within your frustration don’t blame yourself. It is not your fault. Getting a job after graduation takes a time, for some people

As a result of inconvenient job..

Job Hopping begins. We work for few companies in a year or two! In this stage everyone including your boss may point a loser finger at you! He/She makes you feel bad, because of failing to do a certain task, or assignment. Don’t fall for it. You can not be a loser for failing to do certain tasks!


Tips to help you find your Job/Career


# Take A Time To Decide What’s Your True Passion. Again- what are you good at? What skills have you polished and grown!

# Do More Training If your problem is your need to have more training, then don’t be shy. Go and do this right. You are never old to learn. It is going to take you one year or two, then you will make it.


# Think of What Type of People you Want to Work With This step will really help if you know what you are good in?!! Is it leading a group ?Or dealing with clients (what type of clients?). When you answer this question it will clear out your next step to your career position. You may choose a whole different career than your current one, but as long as you’re good at it, you will succeed. Bear in mind changing personality through out this time, and your character development with age. Don’t forget your interests also changed.

# Applying For New Degree Or Course –  As myself did. Beside science ,I love health care field, finally I got accepted in Nursing school. Currently I am doing well. And it doesn’t make me stand far from what I have had studied. You need a plan alongside applying to a new degree. How long does it take to graduate this time? And How to pay for degree?


# Be Persistent-  If you asked me about one thing successful people do, I will tell you (Be Persistent) for anything you are good at. You are wiser , and older  which means you are also WISER. Better as a person this time. Be the professional that you have dreamed of.

# Be Smart In Your Socialization –  Your network can’t be the same as college. In order to become a better person you need to set with better company. Think of what kind of social events for example will expand your network for a better career.


# Finally,

Consider Drawbacks and Changes -But don’t let them bring you down! Ups and downs are part of our life, it’s a normal rhythm reminds us of our humanity, so don’t give up.

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