Studying Motivation

bombshell drawer blog-study.png

Do you know what I hate about people!! Exaggerating & non pleasant compliments aka (suck ups). I am a hard person that can not be disturbed easily ! But when it comes to those nasties. They get under my skin!

I do Not like narrow perspectives either!!! They exaggerate one simple detail and misses on the whole point?!

They have been scaring me everyone about that one course I will take, and consider it as a high risk, life threatening obstacle. Where more than half will barely make it. While I can handle it by my self. Probably YOU can TOO. 

I wish if there are more objective people in the world! sometimes colleagues have bad influence upon us, and we tend to believe them because they already had much experiences than us! If you want to do this and you like it already, don’t let anything bring you down! It is always different when it comes to your own experience! 

Your motivation is there is NO motivation! Just start, work hard and everything will fall in place

Stay motivated and Study hard!  


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