Let’s Talk Coffee!

When someone asks me How do you prefer your coffee? I get confused! They will define which kind of person I am by telling what kind of coffee I am drinking? & No I am not scared of others judgment, but I want to give a good impression of myself.. To be specific, to give the Right impression!


Because How do I prefer it, is differ from How I actually drink it!?
(If we count the mood swings of a moody person like me plus getting bord of the same kind of coffee). I may drink a certain kind everyday because it is the only coffee of choice. but.. with me, rushing all week. Doesn’t mean it is my favorite coffee. 5 years ago my favorite coffee of all times was (black coffee)!! Yeah, I love solitude , I drink coffee in a particular time, and coffee goes along with my favorite time to read or my favorite chocolate to eat!!

Then I discovered the magic of sugar, How it gives you the extra push for the morning and The good mood that you enjoy! So, I was drinking coffee with milk + medium sugar.

I started a Healthy life style since 2012. Nowadays, I’m moving to many beverages , and many kinds of coffees.

Me drinking Italiano with a badass brownies!

Every weekend I would try a new one  in a new coffee shop. I become a fan of (Cold,coffee toffee) (Cold, caramel mocha) (Hot, cinnamon mocha) (Italian coffee). On the other side, I don’t like cappuccino! Have tried from different shops I can’t be convinced by it. I also I don’t like coffee mocha alone! Although I once had prepared it at home with ( Maltesers chocolate powder) and it was delicious. Coffee latter is not in my preferences either! I have heard of a widely famous coffees I haven’t tried yet, and would like to!! like (Cold, Salted caramel) (Hot, Pumpkin spice).

Now .. Tell me what’s Yours?!

Where else you can find me!

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Coffee!

  1. I love coffee! There’s nothing like the smell of it! The bad news is I can’t drink it anymore 😦 Ever since I was pregnant with my third kid, I suddenly grew sensitive to it and drinking coffee gives a lot of stomach pain. That’s a real tragedy for me! But I loved your post, I could almost smell the coffee 🙂


    • The aroma smell always get to awake your senses! However, one cup of coffee is allowed for pregnant women as it recommended. I am sorry to hear that you developed an allergy! It’s common these days, that is suddenly anyone can have allergy from the simplest things!


  2. Hey, I’m from bloggers united! Great blog and post!

    I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee in my parents house when I was growing up. It was just my mothers rule. As a result I don’t really drink coffee now but I have started drinking all kinds of ice coffee from different coffee houses.

    Keep up the posts xxx


    • I started drinking coffee when I was in high school! Because I needed to stay awake. I drink 1 cup a day nd I still do! When I feel that I lack energy, I drink another cup, or I drink tea because it has less effect on me!! Blogger united full of wonderful people. I am so happy to connect with you! Your interactions in my blog made so so happy! Thank you very much xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • OMG! I love cinnamon mocha! It has been a brilliant drink that combined two favorite drinks! Will visit your blog lovely thank you xx


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