How to Get Back Your productively as a writer

secret window (Movie) fil starring : johnny depp. One of my favorite movies that thought me and inspired me!

Secret Window (Movie), Film Starring : Johnny Depp. One of my favorite movies that tought me and inspired me!

Writing is a creative way in sharing and documenting events of mind! I consider writings as a way of expressing ourselves, thus comes the importance of putting words into a correct approach. If writing is your game,then you hate to lose in it!


Writers block is when you are in a condition where you can’t produce an original idea, or loses your creativity in completing a script or a text. Hopefully, this is temporary condition, and you can over come it by generating creativity again! Yes creativity is a sort of energy – don’t argue I am a scientist -.
Let me tell you how to quaff your energy:

1St/ Take a time away from your connections. Tide up the papers. Organize your notebooks. Turn off your devices, and leave your desk! And don’t you go to social media!

2end/ Stop the tension, and start to relax!
Set a relaxing mood for yourself. Take a bath or go to walk in the evening (least to see people). You may pray ( do some prayers ) or book a massage session, do some yoga , go cardio or boxing! As long as you are doing a solo activity that makes you relax! I recommend this  ( relaxing ) time , so you don’t think about writing , or the problem that you are facing. This step is so important because your brain needs to take a break from thinking!

3rd/  after you settled down the chaos inside you/around you. You are now ready for your next move, which is fixing your inspirations. Ask yourself? What does it really inspire you to write? Is it something inside you?! Is it a book.. Is it a person.

4th / find out your passion.
What do you like the most, and you would write out it? Did you developed a new interest lately. I guess writing makes us grow up and you might have this new thing you have to write about! It will become your new passion.

5th/ After answering 3 & 4 .
You are now into two different pathways ;
You either go to a familiar place and blind with your people, family and old friends. Or you go to a new place where it can help you with your new passion. Now you are good to go.

Tell me about your experience in facing writer’s block/ gridlock? How did you over come it?

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18 thoughts on “How to Get Back Your productively as a writer

  1. I have one creative way of dealing with my writer’s block. I leave my writing desk and sit some place else and compose my feelings in poetry. It has always worked good for me.


  2. Great tips because nothing is more frustrating than staring at a blank screen or piece of paper. I find often reading a magazine, getting outside, or just hanging with friends helps. Just doing something entirely different seems to make ideas pop in my head.


  3. Oh I feel you! Writing not only that is not easy job but oh boy when the words wont come can be very frustrating ! Usually I go clean or do something else around the house until the inspiration comes


  4. Yes, I seem to be getting this quite a lot lately like I’ll have tons of ideas pouring and then the next day, I’m out of it. Thanks for the tip! It’ll definitely help a lot!


  5. These are all such great suggestions! Sometimes writers get their creative juices blocked. As for me, a good book or inspiring quotes and a cup of coffee help me a lot to overcome this block.


  6. Absolutely, I find spending time by myself, doing things I love, recharges my creative juices. I’m a blogger so I have a huge list (over 600 blog ideas and increasing) if I ever get stuck 😉. If you’re interested, let me know and I can email you a copy.


  7. I only experience writer’s block if I’ve been stuck inside. When I get out and experience things, I’m hit with inspiration!


  8. I’ve been into this condition many times. I think staying in a quiet place contemplating could help regenerate the ideas and creativity. One should not simply keep looking at the page or screen in the hope of some ideas to write.


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