How to Stay focused


I am exactly like you I hate being yelled at with no reason. I hate being someones flipping table, or worse a bunching bag for a family member or a close friend, although they need your support. Anyway, but don’t let that ruin your day! don’t open the door for it to close the gate of your opportunity to be happy today, or tomorrow, or after a week!

Here is what you have to remind yourself with:

– The Bigger Goals! why are you here?! Of course for certain goals, aren’t you? Are this pet peeves, going to stop you from your goal? if yes then don’t let them. Part of growing up is fighting this and succeed in it!
– Be the one who brings joy, and positivity to your work place/studying area. People may have something really bad happened to their families or having enough serious problems themselves, bright their days, and be kind.

You will not feel that fulfillment feeling, when you get out of that door! unless you accomplished your goal! Go get it!

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