Easy Trick to Make Any Shoes Comfy


I have discovered a new way to take care of my feet during 8 hours shift! and surprisingly! I felt relief. The pressure at the end of the day has gone! My foot is 80% happier by this product. So,  if you wear your shoes for a long time, &  have aching feet at the end of the day? Keep reading this,  it will make any shoes as comfortable as it post to be?! 

Some women use it to pad up their high heels, which is great to protect your feet.



However, I use it as an extra layer in my white shoes. My feet just aching, and hurting after my shift. My Nike Shoe hasn’t enough support. I experience soreness especially on my heel, and under my big toe. I was looking for Sketchers memory foam to stick it inside my Nike, but I couldn’t get my hands on them. Payless has this Gel Massaging Insole, and I told myself let’s try something new. I wasn’t expecting this fascinating result to be honest! but It did work very well. I am so fussy though! Sketchers provide very comfortable insole, as if you are walking on a cloud.


Anyway, This sticky insole is a cheap idea to make your shoe comfy, weather it is a trainer or high heels or any shoe! The benefit will be cushioning your steps, protecting from shocks, and painless feet at the end of the day.

It comes in a package for 1 pair, be aware for the size, mine fit size 6-10 UK. The gel insole available in Paige boring color, but I preferred leopard prints.

It has this cell shapes for toes & heel areas, the glue however, is all over the insole!Simply take it off from the package and stick it to your shoe.

So when do you need to change your Insole? well my advice for you is whenever you feel it can’t do its job anymore. If you could have Sketchers, Dr.Scholl They are great deals as well, and they have a UniSex Items!


Have you Tried any of these ? what is your favorite brand?

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16 thoughts on “Easy Trick to Make Any Shoes Comfy

  1. I have never tried this, but I should definitely do that for my high heels. When the weather gets warmer, I wear almost only heels to work and it gets really tiring!


  2. This is great solution! I always have problem everytime I wear my shoes – especially high heels – for hours. I haven’t try this yet, but I might.


  3. Haha, I just recently bought a similar product and totally love it!
    Great advice, totally support it! 🙂
    I also love (!) your motivational thoughts site. There is so much wisdom there. I feel like we have similar interests, maybe you want to check out my blog projectemme.com. It’s about empowering young women to find their place and purpose in life. I try do provide quality content in a visually appealing way and also help my audience to connect with themselves. I’d love you to have a look at it.
    Best, M.


  4. uno what annoys me the most! people who design shoes like why cant they just make em comfortable its the worse thing to buy a pair of shoes or trainers that just mash up your foot.
    I tend to just wear Nikes running shoes they are so comfortable! but when its cold the air gets inside. Good tip though


  5. I’ve tried similar products in an effort to make my high heels feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, they usually make my shoes more uncomfortable by making the shoes feel too tight. I’d be interested to try these in a pair of flats.


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