Anti stress-anxiety Adult Coloring-Book

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Hello guys,

Recently I was on a stressful busy schedule. My mistakes and failures bring me down. Making me angry and frustrated on all that effort & time I spent to do a particular task!
I am a left brain person, my scientific mind knows a little about Art, but definitely sacred it! I like the creativity of Art & how artist illustrate figurative colors to speak up louder than my voice! My eyes love colors. I feel comfortable in the presence of beautiful things around me!

I found myself repeating a crappy doodling manner to ventilate, or ignore unbearable speeches.






The result of it was ” I feel a bit better “. Then I saw Adult coloring Book in one of my favorite fitness blogger/Youtuber Carly , Which leaded me to the complete idea, that I have to have this! Coloring will place me in a position to be in control of something! which encourage my perfectionist character. Therefore, will left my soul and set me in balance.

Finally I went to the bookstore to look into the stationery to find a book that fits my taste!

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Click the pic to get the book!

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Click the Pic to get the book!

Why did I loved this book regarding others? well.. It has many many different illustration. Perfect for my temperamental mind?! So It will give me a variety of choices to color for any kind of stress, or hard days!!! Besides its a small sized book,  which makes you able to carry it with you everywhere!

How do I color? I just flip the pages to find which is good for me today, and start my therapy.

What colors do I use? Faber-Castle coloring Ecopencils. Joke! I mean I use 3-4 colors according to my mood, or my illustration. I try to make the colors fit and looks beautiful.

How Long does the coloring process takes? As much as you want!

Happy Coloring Therapy, Let me Know what Books are you using?



18 thoughts on “Anti stress-anxiety Adult Coloring-Book

  1. I have seen some of these and didn’t really understand but I do now. I’m currently blogging about my journey trying to prioritise happiness in my family life. I think these would be a great idea to try. Thanks for the tip 🙂


  2. I tried the adult coloring app on my iPad and found that it wasn’t very useful. I think the actual coloring books will work much better. I’ve been considering picking one up for myself, and now I think I definitely will!
    -Cara Z


  3. I love this post!! i was feeling the exact same way i while back and my friend suggested that we do an arts and craft session at home!! which is kinda epic i will blog about that but this actually works…I think in school/college and university we should always have time to do fun stuff like colouring and P.E its never childish it helps so much xxx


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