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 I find it interesting to find this bulk of facts about yourself! Doesn’t it something makes you appreciate your individuality! Here is the 51th fact ?! Write facts about yourself everyday, Get back to them, when you aren’t feeling okay,  and reread them! Then come tell me how do you feel?

Here is 50 things about me to appropriate later :

 1/I drink soda occasionally, and when I do I only drink colorless ones.

2/ I think I will be lonely and I will not marry and have my little family.

3/ I always wear slippers at home and I feel like I am going to slip & fall if I didn’t!

4/ I have to have 2 drinks on breakfast water + coffee . Juice + water. And something semi liquid like yogurt!!

5/  I have never used a waterproof mascara because I think I don’t need it,  and I am scared to do something terrifying with my lashes if I did so.

6/ I don’t regret any money that I have spent on my hair #thickhairproblems

7/ I love old black ladies. They are bold & sweet.

8/ I love things that makes me scare but at the same time makes me shrug of laughter.

9/speaking of which fear. I don’t scream if I am scared. I don’t remember any situation no matter how scary made me scream!!!!!

10/If I would be an animal for one day I would be a sexy foxy fox!

11/ I would love to create a twitter account called cute scorpion with as a Scorpio wearing a pink bow as avatar.

12/I worked in The Body Shop for 4 months.

13/I don’t compliment, if I said something nice because I mean it.

14/I was bullied by a girl in high school because she didn’t like my big hair. She went at the same university as me, I tried many times to cross her way,  but she withdrawals every time with a shame on her face.

15/I wash my hands before I read any book.

16/I don’t look at my childhood pictures, I don’t like to remember my childhood at all.

17/My kinetic intelligence is so low but I wish I can perform a well coordinated dance for 1 minute!

18/When I was assigned in hemodialysis unit as part of my clinical rotating experience. It was in my first week of the semester. I had vague strange feelings when I saw how sick these people are. They were eating a biscuit I hate from my childhood, one of them had diabetic complication. All I want is to call my mom and cry.

19/My eyes are the only part of my body that I couldn’t like.

20/I hate the word ” random” People perspective of the word random is completely different from what this word has to be! Which piss me off.

21/I have been told I look so beautiful when I am asleep like an angle. (Me set like an angle position, wink)

22/If I am in a good mood I ENJOY when I brush my teeth HOLA!

23/I would love to dye my hair blue but even if I have the nerve,  I wouldn’t do it because currently it needs more care, In order for the color to look good. And I don’t see any point of having trashy hair with trashy color just because I wanna to dye my hair!!

24/I have never had a surprise party for any occasion.

25/I am grateful for My moodiness, it keeps me away from boredom as well as people around me (group happy dance).

26/I am not afraid of death or of being hurt anymore.

27/ 3 years ago my body developed an allergy towards fragrances,  aroma sent.

28/ in days that I suffer from allergy I can’t eat the regular adult portion of meat,  I can’t wear anything woolen or cover by woolen material during sleep.

29/ I had one pet (a cat) when I was 7 years,  she left home during mating season,  my family told me and I don’t really remember what happened after that.

30/ I love pastries.

31/ speaking of which pastries,  when my sister prepare her mint tea its smell Makes me crave them.

32/ I think it’s good to look forward for the weekend but it’s important to live your day and stop thinking about plans have already been planned.

33/ I feel weird when guys use heart eyes emojis haha.

34/I am a cat person,  my heart melts down when I see them.

35/ I love pickles since ever.. yummy.

36/ I had two serious boyfriends both were engineers.

37/ I am android person sorry apple people haha.

38/ I was in love with lace clothing before they become COOL.

39/ I am an introvert personal,  but I blend very well in groups.

40/ I am a perfectionist and it took me years to understand how I deal with it.

41/ I think babies know they are cute!!

42/ coffee is a simple form of happiness the more the best!

43/ often my judgment on people is right.

44/ I wish if I could increase my IQ 10 points every 3 months.

45/ I hate when my associated lie to me, even the smallest lies. It’s fine to say “I don’t wanna do this ” instead of ” I am busy”

46/ Everyone knows I am a sweet girl,  but don’t use me I will turn your life into hell.

47/  During lunch break,  I love to eat my lunch on an open area in third floor in my college, which has a view on the college entrances.

48/ I love stormy, rainy days I feel calm and strong!

49/ I love to help people, but i am selective in that, because I hate to wast my time! if you are going to use what I just offered that is good, but other than that my time is so precious, period.

50/ I want to be a motivational speaker, especially for introverts.



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