I didn’t feel Okay| Life Lesson


Everyone I know was a bit off, a little too off lately for their own reasons, Including me, either! I wasn’t about to write this post until I realized, silence is a progress. Sometimes we need time to focus. If this transition period took so long! We might get lost during that phase. 

I am not okay! I didn’t feel okay!! I was pretend to, while I am having everyday battles, and then the bigger fields, and next the same war I have been through! No, I am not okay. I was under pressure, but I had to take it for over 3 months. I was angry, because I have my own path that no one can understand. That if I talked up about it, even with the closest persons to me, they would think I am overeating, or I am being crazy! And I don’t jail myself in such stupid situations!  

But NO.. that is not the deal, when you are talking up to someone. Rather it is figuring out a solution! to look up for something you are missing in your puzzle!!  I know what is it like to face a problem by your own, at the same time you have to maintain a complete balance, while it has a bad influence on you and your health maybe! The thing with being a grownup is.. no one is going to understand your problems better than yourself! and believe me if I told you… no one is going to find a way out of them except YOU! It isn’t something you are going through alone. Someone out there is suffering from the same thing, but they have their own ways to deal with it, and so do you. 

Remember what really matter is the current moment, and what your are capable of doing right now. Life doesn’t guarantee anything except, that you have yourself, and that..what you are sure of.




One thought on “I didn’t feel Okay| Life Lesson

  1. Hey yo !!! I know how it feels to be kind of down because life isn’t going as it should or as you want it to go. You know you can always pm me on twitter or send me an e-mail to ease the pain in your heart 🙂 I’m here for you !!!


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