If you can’t Find Happiness you Can Have Joy!


I asked my mother once. What was I like when I was 2 years old?! she said that I do laugh when I eat!!! This is still a mystery to mom that she never found an answer to ! But because she didn’t know that the little moments drown me with JOY!! A new taste of some food maybe!, a funny shadow, a baby making his first exploration, a slip in a wet floor or maybe finding a candy in my stash!! The stupidest things which make me laugh, because it fills me with JOY. It Splashes me like a cool water! I discovered this feeling when I was very little. This feeling has grown with me, till I became an observant and seeker of this beautiful, little moments! I don’t know what moments snap you to jolt and feed your heart? But if you can’t find happiness at your current day? You can have joy!

I would willingly tell mom that the joy of teasing food what made me laugh, but she is going to take things seriously, and she is going to question me?! Like.. what did I know when I was a toddler?!

It was only a moment of joy.. and it will always be.

                                                              What are your joyful moments?

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