How to Keep your Memory Alive

when I sip tea, I receive reminders through my overwhelmed neuron cells who sometimes lose focus. Tea makes them function properly! while Tea for most of normal people is a time to relax, it’s my time to remember organizing my life before I become screwed for the next 2 weeks. I don’t know what else works for your memory. How to keep your memory alive? let me introduce you to some ideas.


1=Exercises__ is all about pumping oxygenated blood to get you and your body to circulate everything as quickly as you can. So why don’t you pump a little?! if you are a procrastinator then take a look on my post to solve your procrastination exercises here.

2=Essential oils__ the thing with olfactory is associated with a direct path to hypothalamus via the olfactory bulb behind nose. Smell receptors transmit smells immediately. Therefore, deep sniffing of Essential oil enhance concentration during the day. Keep a bottle in your bag or your desk to use it if you need a refreshing air but you can’t go out. Try Grapefruit, Rosemary, Lime and peppermint. 

3=Food__ specifically nuts .. Brain needs fuel as anything else needs to work. Nuts are rich in minerals and omega 3 fatty acids which has a vital role in your health. Cashews for example rich in magnesium which sustain the process of losing memory, while Brazil nuts rich in selenium that aids in manufacturing of the active form of thyroid hormone, assists in healing wounds and upholding your immune system. 

4=Stop smart devices__ especially before bed. How many times specialist warned us about how dangerous this devices are?! when you see new picture that you like, or receive new notification, your electrical activity increase, basically neurons increase their transportation of signals, which is going to increase stimulation of your brain. It is the opposite of what you want to feel before sleep! It is not just your brain who is going to be stimulated, adrenal gland will be stimulated to produce stress hormone to fight your (time to sleep but not) condition. As a result of inner system disturbance, your senses are going to be influenced as well!! Don’t you just feel out of focus after working hours on computer, then you feel you are out of energy! try sometime away from screens every 1 hour of work.

5=Communicate with others__ creates a motive to interact and inspire to give more, and that will help keep your memory working, hence not to forget about things you should have done!

6=Challenge yourself not just memory challenges and puzzle things, but solving personal problems & getting organized! Do you have that one friend who you go to when you are in a trouble, then everything magically by snapping a of hisher fingers, your problems all gone! where do you think heshe came with this brilliant ideas?! It is all from getting in troubles themselves and having a large data base of solving issues! 

Her you are, my top tips for keeping your memory alive. What’s your tips?



7 thoughts on “How to Keep your Memory Alive

  1. Stop smart devices__ especially before bed. Ahh gotta work on that one. As a blogger, answering the plethora of emails and everything – all tends to happen at night. Bad idea :/ but most of the time, I just shut off the WiFi so I wouldn’t even know that there are emails waiting to be answered :p


  2. This is like so true! I really tried something similar now that I am in the exam period and it does work! Comnunicating with others is just fantastic as you get to change opinions, ideas so your brain is continously processing quality information.


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