Powerful Reasons to Exercise

Have you noticed why advertisers have someone smile while they are running! You probably were thinking about .. How does this person managed to smile, and not struggling gasping for air! Isn’t it the most frustrating thing ever?! How hard is working out for you ? Is it hard that you have to give up after few weeks, because your muscles can’t bear it anymore! or after few months because you have to excuse yourself for being busy?! Advertisers ware selling something else via that ad content, but smiling during running isn’t impossible, and in this post I want to talk about the not scientific reasons why you should stand on your feet and do Exercises.

1__ Being physically fit means that you have a high level of awareness about your health and your body. Because You live in your own body, and you are willing to sacrifice an hour a day to contribute in your well being state for the next 10 years. 

2__ Your Mood & your Ability to Concentrate all enhanced by doing a coordinated body movements. All dancers dance with a smile on their faces. Doesn’t Exercises make an optimist person out of you!

3__ What about body shape! Exercise for a start isn’t a luxurious thing cooky people do to brag about it & pose in front every instagramer camera. Although some do! But the point is if you want to do exercises do it for the love of your body. You might be okay with how it’s look like which leads to my next reason.. 

4__ Workout isn’t about the shape. It’s about behind the shape and by that I mean your HEART muscle not your SKELETAL muscles.

5__ What does Workouts do for your Skeletal system. Well, it comes as a reward which is called ” Free of Fatiguability ” including getting up in the mornings especially Mondays, Jet lag after a long day of work will be easier to heal with the strength your body has. Carrying out your heavy groceries won’t be a problem anymore. Your furniture will turned out to be your personal Gym equipment when you get bored. The most important thing is.. if you have a night shift, you won’t hate it as you did before! Because your body has its working force within it.

6__  Say goodbye to being wide awake because your Good night sleeps from now on are yours!

There you are, your not Scientific reasons why you should exercise. What gets you to Exercise? Tell me in the comments below.



21 thoughts on “Powerful Reasons to Exercise

  1. Some excellent and REAL reasons we should be working out more, even if it is just an extra walk or jog a day 🙂 I always have to tell myself that just because I may look good on the outside does not mean that my heart is not some gargantuan MESS… great post and reminder!


  2. Helping my bad sleep habits is my main reason for working out each day. Plus I always feel accomplished when I am done.


    • Well.. That was my evil intention behind this post! No joke but try to do a jog or a walk whenever you want to, then establish doing it for 3 days a week. Then you will be fine with the rest 😉


  3. I have been so slack on my exercise lately and I’m totally feeling it! Cant wait to get back to the grind. Its killer, but feels amazing at the same time. Thanks for the post xo


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