Heart Health Tips


   Take Charge of your Heart Health – February American Heart Month.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. As a future health care provider I would like to take part in raising awareness for causes of Cardiovascular diseases. Because you matter, and your health, too. There are two kinds of Risk factors that individual may come across when talking about Heart diseases, and vascular diseases. First, modifiable ones, which luckily you can totally adjust your lifestyle to prevent or delay the disease. The other are not modifiable, like —Family history of coronary heart disease, and increasing body age! Healthy lifestyle and simple changes can make big differences for both groups. Here are some of my Lifestyle tips to keep your heart away from damage:

  1. The elevator Rule| My usage of escalators or elevators throughout the week is defined by this rule. In the morning I don’t use it for two high story floor? Why would I need to. I love to start my day with a positive energy. Reaching two floors without getting out of breath is an indicator of a good heart & circulation. If your building is 10 stories high or more. Stop the elevator in the middle floor and go up by stairs. This way you won’t have to exhaust yourself, but at the same time, you kept pumping blood through your body. Make sure that you’re wearing a comfortable shoes, that are not tight or wide. Either way it will affect your feet and your health eventually. Go for stairs 3-4 times a day, then you are allowed to use elevator once or twice during that day.

2.  Exercises| They’re the core of your health,  and it’s not legit to let go of them or giving up easily. Exercises isn’t just wearing sport clothes and hitting the gym to push and pull heavy equipment. BUT you can Exercise by doing many moves in your day. You may take a walk, jog, taking stairs. You can move your legs while standing doing your job, or your house work! Movement isn’t just limited to what we sometimes confined ourselves to. Every move counts! 

3.You cannot follow a healthy organic dietary 100% every day every year| And neither do I. But you can replace and pick more healthy choices. After that, treat yourself with one take away meal in the weekend.

  • What do you eat : Decreasing calories by replacing salad dressing with vinegar, lemon, olive oil instead of ready sauces. Use one table spoon of ketchup for your baked sweet potatoes. Use less butter to reduce fats as much as possible.
  • Organizing when do you eat. There is one thing about my meals I can not ever change. I do eat certain amount in a certain time! Plan how many meals you will eat per day, and how many snacks? choose fruits and nuts over candy and chocolate bars. they have the good fat , as well as your body requirements of sugar. Pack cashews, almond, dried fruits to enjoy them, they will fed you up, and will boost your metabolism.



The most important thing in taking care of your health is don’t forget about your loved ones, who cherish every heart beat of yours. So, Don’t break their ..



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