Things your Mom can not Do when she has a chronic illness

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Today’s post is a bet different, because I want it to be a more of (Group Therapy) than tips to be on the grind! The topic is What has been changed in your life when your parent has to live with a chronic, epidemiological illness! Life can not be the same!


Three years ago, my Mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Day after day I realize that I am missing  doing something with my Mom. I came up with this list, which might be a little childish!

  1. You can’t ask her if the weather is too cold or not. She probably has an altered thermal sensation, so if you wanted to confirm bringing your coat, you have to find another way! There are weather apps, weather news, and you can check out the weather yourself, But .. your Mom knows better!!
  2. You can’t ask her if the food is too spicy, too salty, or even bland! Because she has altered taste sensation as a result of a medication side effect! Besides, she follows special diet!
  3. You can’t go to places where the light is so bright and sparkly! or too load and crowded! She has to be in less disturbing environment, and she can not bear the photo sensitivity.
  4. She was not in mood to talk! Because she is in pain. She feels dizzy, and has blurred vision, and she is ready to sleep!
  5. You can’t eat a treat and share it with her, even though it used to be her favorite! Which is the most devastating things ever!

Do your parent have a chronic illness? What Do you miss with your parent?


Project Empty Bloggers | #projectemptybloggers

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I know most of us love to buy and try makeup and skincare products, but some of them end up been put aside because we keep using our same routine stuff! We even go ahead and restock our shelves with the same old products that we have been using for ages and never even open and try that new one we bought a few months ago. Maybe you are scared or just too lazy to bring that new product into use.


Sometimes we buy a new product and like it so much we never want it to get empty. So, We put the nearly empty container in the closet, and forget about it. We even forget to restock the products, because we still have a little bit left and maybe it was an expensive product to start with or it’s discontinued.

That is why we (@Bombshelldrawer and @Bunnywunnie8) started this Project, to empty forgotten, unloved, neglected and/or nearly empty products. Or at least try to empty them and get a good use out of them 🙂 Be creative, you can use beauty, skin care, food, toiletries, clothes, and more! Your closets will be cleared up before summer and you will have more space for new things.


We want to encourage you to join us to do this project. Tell everyone about it on your blog, Instagram,  Twitter    Facebook Page    Pinterest    Bloglovin   Google + or whatever social media you use.

We will unite under the hashtag #projectemptybloggers. That way we can find all pictures and shared blogpieces easily.

The concept of #projectemptybloggers is  simple. Collect a few items that need to be used up, because they are neglected, unloved, tucked away in a closet for too long or are about to expire. Put them in a box, or just together in a special place and use them up within 3 months.


#projectemptybloggers starts on the 1st of April 2016 and ends June 30th 2016.

It’s also the intention to make a blogpiece to announce that you are participating in this project. The progess can be put into a blogpiece or just as pictures on instagram. At the end of the 3 months there is to be another blogpiece to write about your experience.

If you are interested in joining us and take the journey to an emptier closet together, please let us know by commenting on this blogpiece or simply sending us an e-mail

Let us know on what social media you will be taking part so we can mention and link you in the blog piece that will be posted on April 1st giving the official start to #projectemptybloggers.


We are looking forward to hearing from you 😀

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Clinical Days as a Nursing Student

I was planning to do this post about my clinical days as a Nursing Student. Basically what do I do during my shift at the hospital. And it’s not like boring instructions on what I am really doing there, but sharing/documenting a bet of my work life and the most important moments that have happened to me!
Are you all curious about what makes me away from my blog, or away from my real social life! Well.. there you are! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed my clinicals first, plus sharing it with you.

This blog is about my shifts in pediatric wards, I went to the Nursery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit aka (NICU).
Ps: This is my first course on pediatric nursing.


When I was in the Nursery, my heart couldn’t stay in its place once I passed through the electronic locked door. I passed the glass wall, and my feelings changed immediately! I don’t know what you call this, but let me call it ‘Babies Mojo’. The Nursery was filled with babies cribs. It was almost like a ‘Babies Factory’, seriously?! At least for my dramatic mind, it is!
Now let me tell you a secret about me. I have never held babies before, especially newborns! Not really.. Few times, but they aren’t enough, so hence the over reacting! But no worries, my teachers did a trail on how to hold new born, and I passed it with ‘too secure’ so be optimistic, I am not that bad!!
Then my teacher asked me to feed a baby, she said I want you to set on that chair, and I will give him to you. Honestly she slaps my self esteem to the ground, but I felt fully prepared. I am wearing a medical goan, my hands are clean, I have done much harder procedures on adults, and I am on a solid ground! What else would go wrong! The moment the baby start to suck, I told him ‘aww honey I am honored’. The following days whenever I enter I say ‘ Good morning you cutie chicks’, and I jump into every crib to check on the babies position and faces! My teacher allowed me to carry babies as much as I liked, she through jokes on me – she has been a nurse for over 16 years- , like how the hell I am a senior Nursing student, and can’t carry a baby! But at the end the day, she told me that she saw me enjoying doing my job, and that impressed her!
I did a full assessment for a new born who was less than hour of age! I participated in the document of his measurements. And whooo. He was ready to join the Nursery!


I agree with scientists who say that newborns are highly intelligent humans, and are not just an alarm that break off in case of emergencies!! And yes, caring for them is exhausting, you ends up as a zombie before 8 p.m! Now let me take you through my experience which made me agree with such theory!

1.I was told to feed one of the babies, I came to his crib and he has a strange look on his face,but my doubts were confirmed the moment I held him, his face expressions just turned into disgusting face with a pendol like eye movement! If you can hear him say something that moment, he would say “What the Fuck is this?”. I tend to add drama to situations like this inside my head! So I was mouthing “Sorry but supposedly you’re hungry and I have to feed you, like I apologize you have to have me caring for you, but I am not letting you starve, you’re an infant for God sake”. I tried to give him the nipple, so he starts to suck, but the milk was dripping on around his lips, and he still has “The disgusting” look on his face. After few seconds, I wiped the dripped milk, and I offered the nipple again and succeed.

2.The other preterm girl inside the Incubator, who God bless her, she moves a lot! Like literally the Nurse has to set her back on her preterm pillow, because she reached the Incubator side door! Then when I received her in my shift it was my job to do so! When my teacher came to check on me I told her this girl loves life! Because she didn’t let me do procedures on her! She is vibrant with life! When it was her time to be fed, she was moving her hands to hold on something! I didn’t expect such a move, I was supporting her neck and head with my left hand, and holding the bottle with my right, so I offered my right pinky and my left thumb. she hold tight on them! It was very beautiful moment I wanted to cry!
It was time to take her out of Incubator, she gained enough weight, ready to be exposed to the environment air. I prepared a crib for her. She was settled and about to sleep.
Later, her mother came to visit her. She took her and breast fed her and spend time playing with her, which made me thrilled.
__ Infants feels the separation from their mothers, and if she wanted to know that there was someone for her, I wanted her to know that I am!

My Basic Nail Care Routine| Yves Rocher

Greeting Ladies,

In a previous post I reviewed my gorgeous winter nail polishes. Take a look at the post here if you haven’t already. In today’s post I want to show you my basic nail care routine, and how I keep my nails healthy!

Back when I was working in sails, I discovered this French Store Yves Rocher. Which I wasn’t convenient with at the beginning, but my coworkers insists that I go visit it to take a look on their fragrances. Afterwards, I fall in love with their nail care products!! They are good quality and the results are immediate after the first use!



First thing first, I am always careful with my meals choices. I pick up healthy choices as possible as I can! Which helped me to have less skin breakdowns, cracks, and less pigmentation above my proximal nail fold.. And to aid in that process I mainly depend on two simple steps:

1__ Exfoliation the cuticle: So this product called ” Correction Cuticle Exfoliating Nail Treatment” . With a sweet almond milk formula and light sent. It is a special defoliator for nail bed and surrounding folds. Scrubs the impurities of the nail and polish the surface for smoother and neater look. Gently apply a circular massage motion to get a fascinating look. I am not a fan of pedicures and how cruel your nails being treated, because removing too much layers can open up to introduce pathogens under your nails. This defoliator is about 12 US$.



2__ Repair Cream: This cream called ” Anti-Breaking Nail Strengthener”. This cream is amazing!! and It is all what you need for your nails before going to bed! It is with a cocoa butter based formula, and its sent isn’t a coca sent, but a mixture of fresh delight sent! It regenrates your nail strength, cure brittle dry nails! If you suffer from weak nails, you may want to try this. Massage it around your nails and folds for like 3 minutes. Leave it to works on your nails for at least 4 hours. I highly recommend it after removing your nail polish, or you can apply it before sleep. You will wake up to amazing results from the first use! This treatment is about 14.86 US$.




Here is my Basic Nail care routine. What do you use for your nails?! Let me know in the comments below xx

Free Printables and My Current Stressors

I know I am more stressed than I really should, nor I am in position to talk about lowering stress levels, but God I have so much (do’s) in so little days! which is probably why I am writing this post. To ventilate, and to let you know guys why am I not blogging lately, especially my Health & Wellness readers! I have so many drafts and ideas to post as soon as I finish my top priorities for this semester.


It is officially Spring Break for me, so I thought to write about the things that are stressing me out, and I can not keep up with anymore. I start to be more dysfunctional person from how many assignments, projects, community works that I have to do! Plus my clinicals and after clinical evaluation!! This post is about college lifestyle, so if your are not into it, then I recommend you head over to read my other categories in my mean menu or sidebar. Now.. here are my current life stressors

1_ To Do Lists.. are really freaking me out! University work, quizzes, midterms and assignments. If I started to write them down in a Planner or on a To Do List organizer, they seemed a LOT! I keep looking at the paper, trying to perfect my handwriting, so the parer will look neater and therefore, more appealing to me to read and actually cross these tasks out! But How much things I have to keep up with .. is freaking me out! I prefer to print out a monthly calendar to highlight the important dates on my studying area wall! That’s all.

2_ My phone is a panic attack creator! Seriously.. I hate to check it out.. I have at least 4 whatsapp groups. Every one of them is demanding to finish up my part of the work! Reminding me of the deadlines!! While I am inside another mess, trying to keep up with this course study, or that course with a two weeks abandoned textbook. I just hate doing assignments, while I still have a huge units I haven’t studied yet?! How the hell am I going to do the assignment, if I don’t know what is it about?!

3_ Looking at my results after every damn thing has to be marked! Because I know it wasn’t that perfect, and I am going to ” Lose Marks ” over stupid things like not having enough time to do it, or because the members of the group didn’t put off enough effort! They stress me out over due dates, then they come unprepared and all ends up on my marks to set me on the edge for the rest of the semester!

4_ Asking for new collaborations, conferences, community work! As if I don’t have enough work already! even though the date is due to next moth or so, but Lord! I have upcoming chapters need to be studied, haven’t I??

5_  Laundry stink at the basket, when it is just mid of the week!! And I have nothing to wear for the rest of the week! So of course I have to wash them up!

6_ Food! Oh my! I am glade I could keep up with my jogging -yay for it- but I have to prepare meals otherwise, I would starve at lunch time for my clinical days! Usually it takes up to 60-90 minutes to prepare breakfast and lunch for the following day, cause I have to wake up super early, and I have no time to prepare a breakfast! I sometimes think of fitting (Rantidine) in my diet schedule in case I am having ulcer with all the stress i am going through these months Lol.

As a thank you note for sticking around with me and reads my rants sometimes, I want to share these amazing Free Printables that I looked for to reorganize my self again, and to stop myself from To Do Lists intimidating fears!!


Mothly Calendar


2016 calendar from This Little Street If you like a daily reminder on your wall. I recommend this cute Calendar. Click the photo to get it.

Weekly To Do Lists:


Weekly to do list from Skip To My Lou. Click the photo to get it.




Weekly to do list from Alice and Lois. Click the photo to get it.



Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 2.58.57 PM

Weekly to do list from Shake Shakee. Because it looks like my blog template so cute.Click the photo to get it.

Planner stickers, although I don’t use them but they are so pretty!


These are gorgeous because my spirit animal is Fox! click the photo to get them.


Black planner sticker from Scrapcraftastic. They are suitable for any planner! Click the photo to get them.



Yellow! I just adore bright colors. This planner sticker are from Vintage Glam Studio. Click the photo to get them

Hope you Like my Printables choices ! XX