Free Printables and My Current Stressors

I know I am more stressed than I really should, nor I am in position to talk about lowering stress levels, but God I have so much (do’s) in so little days! which is probably why I am writing this post. To ventilate, and to let you know guys why am I not blogging lately, especially my Health & Wellness readers! I have so many drafts and ideas to post as soon as I finish my top priorities for this semester.


It is officially Spring Break for me, so I thought to write about the things that are stressing me out, and I can not keep up with anymore. I start to be more dysfunctional person from how many assignments, projects, community works that I have to do! Plus my clinicals and after clinical evaluation!! This post is about college lifestyle, so if your are not into it, then I recommend you head over to read my other categories in my mean menu or sidebar. Now.. here are my current life stressors

1_ To Do Lists.. are really freaking me out! University work, quizzes, midterms and assignments. If I started to write them down in a Planner or on a To Do List organizer, they seemed a LOT! I keep looking at the paper, trying to perfect my handwriting, so the parer will look neater and therefore, more appealing to me to read and actually cross these tasks out! But How much things I have to keep up with .. is freaking me out! I prefer to print out a monthly calendar to highlight the important dates on my studying area wall! That’s all.

2_ My phone is a panic attack creator! Seriously.. I hate to check it out.. I have at least 4 whatsapp groups. Every one of them is demanding to finish up my part of the work! Reminding me of the deadlines!! While I am inside another mess, trying to keep up with this course study, or that course with a two weeks abandoned textbook. I just hate doing assignments, while I still have a huge units I haven’t studied yet?! How the hell am I going to do the assignment, if I don’t know what is it about?!

3_ Looking at my results after every damn thing has to be marked! Because I know it wasn’t that perfect, and I am going to ” Lose Marks ” over stupid things like not having enough time to do it, or because the members of the group didn’t put off enough effort! They stress me out over due dates, then they come unprepared and all ends up on my marks to set me on the edge for the rest of the semester!

4_ Asking for new collaborations, conferences, community work! As if I don’t have enough work already! even though the date is due to next moth or so, but Lord! I have upcoming chapters need to be studied, haven’t I??

5_  Laundry stink at the basket, when it is just mid of the week!! And I have nothing to wear for the rest of the week! So of course I have to wash them up!

6_ Food! Oh my! I am glade I could keep up with my jogging -yay for it- but I have to prepare meals otherwise, I would starve at lunch time for my clinical days! Usually it takes up to 60-90 minutes to prepare breakfast and lunch for the following day, cause I have to wake up super early, and I have no time to prepare a breakfast! I sometimes think of fitting (Rantidine) in my diet schedule in case I am having ulcer with all the stress i am going through these months Lol.

As a thank you note for sticking around with me and reads my rants sometimes, I want to share these amazing Free Printables that I looked for to reorganize my self again, and to stop myself from To Do Lists intimidating fears!!


Mothly Calendar


2016 calendar from This Little Street If you like a daily reminder on your wall. I recommend this cute Calendar. Click the photo to get it.

Weekly To Do Lists:


Weekly to do list from Skip To My Lou. Click the photo to get it.




Weekly to do list from Alice and Lois. Click the photo to get it.



Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 2.58.57 PM

Weekly to do list from Shake Shakee. Because it looks like my blog template so cute.Click the photo to get it.

Planner stickers, although I don’t use them but they are so pretty!


These are gorgeous because my spirit animal is Fox! click the photo to get them.


Black planner sticker from Scrapcraftastic. They are suitable for any planner! Click the photo to get them.



Yellow! I just adore bright colors. This planner sticker are from Vintage Glam Studio. Click the photo to get them

Hope you Like my Printables choices ! XX


28 thoughts on “Free Printables and My Current Stressors

  1. I love planners! I’ve currently got a paper one on my desk that I got from Wilko. They have lots of cute stationery that they change every so often so it’s always worth popping in to see what’s new!

    To-do lists definitely help you to plan your week and therefore manage your stress! : )

    Michelle -x-


  2. I have been getting stressed out and overwhelmed alot lately, so this post has some great information for me! I find to do lists to be extremely helpful! I will try out a few of the other techniques you shared too! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I’ve also been stressed out, although I graduated college years ago my home life (working full time, being a mom, and caregiver) has been stressing me out. Thank you for your very insightful post.


    • Professors are telling us to man up or something, because later in life we will face children stress which is much harder.. I think they’re talking about themselves, don’t they?!! 😁


  4. My to-do lists also stress me out at times, so I understand the struggle! I hope things will be a bit less crazy soon. Lavender’s good for relaxing, if you have it in your house. 🙂 And of course… thanks for a lovely post and planners! Xo


    • Hahahahaha, you have read your mind dude!! I shut down my phone since Thursday, didn’t turned it on till Sunday! when I did I received a call Lol , but I wasn’t close to my phone to I didn’t answer. It is my spring break time to bugger everyone!! Thank you for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, you can post them with a link to their original creators. I don’t own them, I linked up to their owners in the description under the photos. click on the photo to get you there. Xx


  5. To do lists are the best. Take a deep breath and start with the easiest one of the tasks. I have also an advice for you: get a slow cooker! I spend 10 minutes every morning to prepare the ingredients for my meal, drop everything in the slow cooker, set in on low, and then go to work. By the time I get back home, after 8-9 hours, the slow cooker is waiting for me with dinner ready! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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