My Basic Nail Care Routine| Yves Rocher

Greeting Ladies,

In a previous post I reviewed my gorgeous winter nail polishes. Take a look at the post here if you haven’t already. In today’s post I want to show you my basic nail care routine, and how I keep my nails healthy!

Back when I was working in sails, I discovered this French Store Yves Rocher. Which I wasn’t convenient with at the beginning, but my coworkers insists that I go visit it to take a look on their fragrances. Afterwards, I fall in love with their nail care products!! They are good quality and the results are immediate after the first use!



First thing first, I am always careful with my meals choices. I pick up healthy choices as possible as I can! Which helped me to have less skin breakdowns, cracks, and less pigmentation above my proximal nail fold.. And to aid in that process I mainly depend on two simple steps:

1__ Exfoliation the cuticle: So this product called ” Correction Cuticle Exfoliating Nail Treatment” . With a sweet almond milk formula and light sent. It is a special defoliator for nail bed and surrounding folds. Scrubs the impurities of the nail and polish the surface for smoother and neater look. Gently apply a circular massage motion to get a fascinating look. I am not a fan of pedicures and how cruel your nails being treated, because removing too much layers can open up to introduce pathogens under your nails. This defoliator is about 12 US$.



2__ Repair Cream: This cream called ” Anti-Breaking Nail Strengthener”. This cream is amazing!! and It is all what you need for your nails before going to bed! It is with a cocoa butter based formula, and its sent isn’t a coca sent, but a mixture of fresh delight sent! It regenrates your nail strength, cure brittle dry nails! If you suffer from weak nails, you may want to try this. Massage it around your nails and folds for like 3 minutes. Leave it to works on your nails for at least 4 hours. I highly recommend it after removing your nail polish, or you can apply it before sleep. You will wake up to amazing results from the first use! This treatment is about 14.86 US$.




Here is my Basic Nail care routine. What do you use for your nails?! Let me know in the comments below xx


22 thoughts on “My Basic Nail Care Routine| Yves Rocher

  1. I didn’t know you love Yves Rocher ?! I love love love it ❤ Their shower gels are amazing and their parfumes too ^^ I'm a fruity type of girl 😉 Never tried their nail care though.


  2. As someone who hardly ever paints my nails, I do appreciate this post since I am a hairstylist and spent many hours in school giving manicures! You have inspired me to go get one later this week haha 🙂


  3. I’ve been using the anti breaking product from yves rocher and I’ve to say I didn’t like it that much. I only love Yves rocher for their skincare product but one natural product to make your nail harder is lemon ! lol that’s it


    • Haha I am glade that worked for me, because I see others are loving the almond oil from Body Shop while it didn’t work well for me! I might try skin care from Yves Rocher but I can’t take risks with my skin! But I will keep them in mind, thanks xx


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