My Empty Box for ProjectEmptyBloggers

Hello There!

Me and Stephanie aka Bunnie created this | Project Empty Blogger |check it out and Join us! to push ourselves, and use up the neglected products inside our DRAWERS! So it is time for them to see the light and get some love before Expiration Date!!

| Drum Sound|… Here is my Empty Box!!




I am just glade that my box isn’t huge! I used to buy too many products that don’t fit my taste, or my skin, and then I have to wait for that time when I have to though them! It is such a waste of money! I gradually started to buy less stuff, and make sure I will use them. If I am not sure I just I don’t buy it!!

For these products I will tell their stories one by one 😀


This serum is from last summer! It works just fine with its same brand day cream. I stopped using it because, I hated to use it with another brand of day cream! I think it just works better with applying it as a base for (Clarins day cream), and not another brand! But the bottle is almost quarter,so I will try to finish it!


I was looking for Peachy Blusher. BH cosmetics just released their new range and I am open to try new brands! after I purchased this, I read few reviews that this brand isn’t good! My main concern was I have a history of skin allergy, but I am going to give it a trail and then see!

Kinda forgot how much I love this red lipstick ..and I want to use it again! So I added it to my box.


My first trial for smoky eyes using eye shadows. I am a natural make up lover! I can not bear layering my face! I wanted to buy something cheap, and in hand to use it for everyday smokey look! but I failed to touch it, as I am very busy to do such thing! and even if I have morning time, I don’t feel ready unless I have tried it the other night!


I am more Powder user for everyday look! but again I said why don’t I use a BB cream, but then I got medium so I don’t look pale! but it turned out to be too dark for my skin tone! and I hate tan!! I will use it with lighter powder and see how it works!


for the rest of my box, I still have Dry Shampoos to use. I hop in shower immediately, and haven’t had the chance to use them. I have this Alo Vera Jelly and I used it to treat dandruff and skin allergy, they also recommand it as a mask for pimples, so I will try to do that! Sudocream for allergy purposes and to cure blemishes but again, I failed to do that!

This is what happen ladies, when you ask someone to buy something for you! They always buy the wrong product!!! I was wondering why this apricot exfoliator didn’t die just yet haha!! Its expiry date on 2017! It is nice and I like its smile! it has Gentle exfoliation, which totally suits my skin! It is in my shower now and I started to use it already yay for that!


I am one of those people who got allergy after using e.o.s lip balms! So this was untouched, I gave it away to my colleague. In return she gave me these hair accessories, and I am such a hair band girl and totally fall in love with them! and I will add them to my box!!


Following lovely ladies signed up to do project empty with us! And for that they deserve a mention and a link. Go and visit their blog and follow them on Instagram to see their progress !!!


Hager from

Esmeralda from / @xsimplyesmee

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Sonja from / @Yustsome

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Shannon from @lushtwilightprincess


Femke from

You can join us with our | project HERE & don’t forget to share your posts and photos to our hashtag #ProjectEmptyBloggers so it is easy to follow your progress and retweet it!

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16 thoughts on “My Empty Box for ProjectEmptyBloggers

  1. I am such a minimalist that I really only try to choose the products that I am going to use – but every now then I have a clear out and it is amazing how much you accumulate on those 2-for1 deals! It has inspired me to do a post on space clearing. Thanks.


  2. I love this idea! I’m definitely guilty of neglecting products so will be trying this! I also use the Aloe Gelly for clearing up spots…works a treat! 🙂


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