Like Highlighter!

I am an organized person regarding the messiness over the apparent daily stuff like my studying area, my room, and my back bag! At least non of my things are scratched, torn or worse… stained!!! Except my Lab coat which is something inevitable if you wear one will fully understand the struggle! Anyway, as a student I for sure use highlighters in basic everyday life, and I hate when I have to highlight over something I just wrote, and it draws a smudge within it over the line, and keep moving the smudge over the next line. I might go crazy and try to clean the highlighter on a new page every other second.

Have you ever been through highlighting a just printed page ? that absolutely turned into a page from your first grade years , back when you have to write and erase for the thousandth time!




Getting this stain on the tip of my fluorescent pens annoy the hell out of me! But after the many times I have been using it, the taint over the tip stopped daubing my lines.

Somehow, I share this trait inside me. I keep taking in shit from around me, until I feel the grime is wearisome! I may forget to shake it off of my aura! And when it is time to revive myself  I discovered that taint doesn’t impact my givings anymore! I still can stand out regardless! Time will continue to change us and it is our choice to let it sharp us, or even shape us!




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27 thoughts on “Like Highlighter!

  1. I can’t live without my fluorescent pens 😀 I’m always underlining (overlining) the most important parts of any texts I’m printing out. Actually I just did it a minute ago when I had printed my weekend’s workshop schedule. Actually I think it’s a habbit that make sense 🙂


  2. I can’t stand highlighters. They bug me. Sometimes it’s hard to stop yourself from taking in the negative that is happening around you, as long as you’re able to shake it off and get rid of it, then you’re okay.


  3. I’m OCD organized, and I coulnt live without organizer, pens and highlighters. I keep a bunch on the night table for underlining something inspirational from a book or to write down a late night idea


  4. I can never use highlighter. For some reason, it always hurts my eyes and prevents me from focusing on what I need to really put my focus on.


  5. I can’t learn without highlighter. I always have a few different colors. For me, it’s the best tool to help learning. Funny post 🙂


  6. I was wondering where this post was going, got a really good laugh at the end. “Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit” might need to become my mantra.

    Its true though, don’t let a little mark shape you.


  7. Can’t remember the last time I used a highlighter.. But whenever I use it and “highlight” the important parts of a page, rest assured that all the text will be highlighted. LOL.


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