My not Best Day Ever!

Yesterday wasn’t my best day ever! I don’t want to say it was a (bad day)! well look at my tweet!

I tweeted that too early to be honest! It was 16:32 When I just got back home from my shift at the Pediatric Ward. My day started with me missing the bus, and in order to get another ride to the hospital I arrived a little bit late around 7:15 a.m. That is huge! When you work as a healthcare provider. You only arrive at time or early! and you better not to get sick and miss a day at work!!

I was lucky, because my teachers know I am serious student I am always at time, and I start my shifts 7 sharp! So they were easy with me for being late this time! My luck however, started to run out! My day was hard. Nothing wanted to fall in place from the first try! I had to redo things many times in order to get them right! The only good thing was, I didn’t lose the trust of my patient’s mother who was accompanying her little sick child, which is a great thing actually.

I wished I didn’t come! I told my teacher that, when she saw how I was struggling doing paperwork for my case study, and my responsibilities as a Nursing student. She don’t accept this kind of attitude! It was such a mistake when I said I wish I didn’t come! My day even went harder till she said: ” I petty you” !! She forced me to take a break and get something to eat or drink, So I can feel a bit better!

At the end of the shift, somehow I managed to attain most of my objectives of the day! The day tasks were divided into two categories. One marked on the same day. The other is a paper work I have to submit next week. So for the current day tasks I got a B, which is not that bad. I was keeping in mind this …

WAIT!! My head said 24 hours!! then why the hell I was tweeting about it at 16:32!!!!

After I came back, and couldn’t believe that struggle has gone! I directly wanted to hit a cool shower to wash the day off! but then Mom told me not to use the bathroom, because the water tap was off since 2 p.m!! and It will come back around 6 p.m. It is very un usual to be cut off of water! I am until that moment, and I swear I was maintaining a positive attitude toward this day! I told myself …



In order to distract myself till 6 p.m.. I hold my electronics to pass the time. I saw a video on Facebook for an elderly woman dancing with a bunch of dancers in the street! the video was 5 minutes long. At the second minute the power electricity went off, and a thunder storm hit us, caring a heavy rain!!! My wifi connection shut down in front of my eyes. The living room all of a sudden is murky! I look at Mom and I laughed so hard!!!!!


Ps: When I had my lunch at 1 p.m I ordered zucchini with grilled chicken, the zucchini sauce splashed on my white jacket! I had to go wash it in the toilet till the last minute of my break, and dry it with hand vacuum!  


I just wanted from all this to remind you that..

And This because Attitude is everything! 




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6 thoughts on “My not Best Day Ever!

  1. That’s such an inspiring post… It really makes one think, to never give up.
    Also, I think you did, like you said, the best you could!


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