Is Fasting Good for you

Fasting concept is not far away from what your body really does everyday. Your body is adapted to famine periods without having any problems!


When you go to bed usually you stop eating food at least an hour or two. Your body then goes into a fasting mode after 8 hours from the last meal you have eaten! So, before breakfast your body had no food, or even drinks for about 12-14 hours. When you empty your stomach content, Often you stay away from food, until your body reset it self. What happens when you have blood test the next day is similar. Your Doctor tells you to fast overnight to get precised results on what is really going on on your blood!

So If Intermittent Fasting for about the same tolerable time, during your awaken hours, Will it be GOOD FOR YOU?


When your body goes into a fasting mode after digesting your last meal. Insulin Hormone will drop down. which facilitate usage of glycogen, when sugar storage is finished, your body will start to use excess fat as fuel. Fasting also increase the release of HGH (Human Growth hormone) and Norepinephrine, both increase burning fat for your body to use as energy. In Short, your body will be less susceptible for Insulin Resistance, and you will feel energetic because of the release of other hormones. Some people freak out by the idea of this! But if the case is so why don’t you lose too much weight by stop eating for few days! The answer is because your body takes 8-16 hours to run of sugar and glycogen in order to get in fat burning mode.

How Intermittent Fasting Diet is Different Than Other Diets?


Although in order for fasting to really works, you have to be quiet restricted with CALORIES. BUT It is a cycling periods of fast and feast! You are allowed to eat all kinds of food during feasting time.So it is not restricted by certain food categories. It is also causes less muscles loss, which makes it the perfect diet to retain lean body mass.

Is Intermittent Fasting your Next Diet?

The major drawback from this diet is “starvation”. If you are healthy, and you want to lose few pounds you can do Fasting as your next diet. If you are already in a good shape then Fasting can help you improve your metabolic system, your immune system and other benefits Read it in my next post How Intermittent Fasting Aids for Healthier You.

However, consult your family doctor before doing any diet. And If you fall into these categories, unfortunately you can not do these kind of diets, because it needs an adjustment to certain lifestyle your body can not do, due to its needs for nutrients or other conditions.

History of eating disorders

Loss of consciousness or Seizures

Pregnant and lactating women

Any visual disturbances

Diabetics (not all but according to doctor orders)

Abnormal gait and behavior.

The Material in Health & Wellness Category is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


7 thoughts on “Is Fasting Good for you

  1. My problem is proper metabolism as I always feel bloated. But now, I am trying to consume less carbs and more fiber. A friend of mind has been doing intermittent diet and it looks good on her. 🙂


  2. This was interesting! I have tried fasting but it ws already long go. I have a friend who does it twice a year and he says it’s such a great way to detox your body. Somehow I don’t find it that appealing especially if it takes several days. I try to have days when I eat bit lighter than normally and leave out sugar and diet coke. I do believe body needs detoxing avery now and then.


  3. This sounds interesting but I’m so old fashioned that if I started a diet I would choose good home made food, healthy snacks (fruits, berries, etc.) and tried to get my sleeping pattern better & adding more exercising to my daily schedule, like walking or something.
    I’m not so into these hi-fi diets haha 😀

    <3: Jasmin N


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