How to deal with an introverted friend

The Introverts Series got popular! If you missed the 2 parts here they are:

Part 1 Unravel the introvert

Part 2 The perks of being an introvert

So I of course created my list on How To Deal With An Introverted Friend


1__ do you remember when I told you about how good an introverted person as a friend is! Do you go to them because they are truthful and they keep your secrets! Now let me explain why introverted highly prefer staying alone after something bad has happened to them! Because they are just like you. Would prefer to go for them! When they need someone to talk to!! They simply go consult themselves! They are professional therapist anyway (wink). 

2__ Don’t let me feel I am left alone just because I prefer to set alone to charge myself.. Please don’t!! if there is someone who is over (we stopped being friends because we stooped to talk to each other) is introverts, because they cherish their friends. 


3__ Don’t go behind my back just because I am not social as much as you do! because it hurts a lot! Don’t go every time to new places without telling me. You can always tell me, even though you know I will not go to that event with you!

4__ Would you love to know why I leave parties on (an early time)! because I get a headache!! I am not partying human as much as you do!I am the opposite of what everyone else thinks! I am satisfied with a limited time for what we call ( FUN) So don’t pull too hard on that limb! When I have my fun I leave!

5__ I take more time to heal than anybody else! So Don’t rush it, it pushes me down!


6__ You probably asked yourself a lot?! Why am I setting alone for most of my time? Isn’t kinda boring and stupid!! NO IT IS NOT!! and you don’t have the right to judge me!! (moody/ antisocial/ hate people/ unsophisticated/ .. and the list goes on). As I said I am self sufficient I entertain myself. 

7__ What the hell with “Stop Inviting Me to Plans” ?! I am not ignoring you nor I am antisocial! I just have many things going on my head and being alone sort them out! Besides, spending time with myself (and not Alone) It equals to the good activities that you do with people! Yes it does. First, I like to work so much on my hobbies, a lot. Second, the creative side in me is at its BEST. I am still a cool friend to you , otherwise you wouldn’t talk to me!

8__ Which leads to the next point. I unconsciously prefer quality time! In another word ” Time with family and close friends ”

9__ I aren’t exhibit anxiety around people! No I am not suffering from anxiety and I am not uncertain or irresolute, but I take time to think,  and make my choices, because I can’t jump into every event like extroverts do. 


10__ Finally, and I am not sure if all introverted folks agree with this, BUT PLEASE be honest with me no matter what! I appreciate your honesty weather it’s now or later, that’s up to me, when I figure things out! but what I am sure of is.. I like honesty!


Am I missing something introverts? Let me know in the comments below.



14 thoughts on “How to deal with an introverted friend

  1. This is such a great post. I’ve found your blog through bloglovin and had to have a read of this. As someone who’s had a few introverted friends this has helped me understand them a lot more. Thanks so much for sharing xo


  2. Great post. I think we all have some traits of an introvert in us. I for one enjoy alone time and reject invitations a lot because of this. I’m not trying to be rude… Sometimes you just need that. Great post. Helps to understand introvert people a little better.


    • People can’t understand having a life of your own. They will always demand you and demand something for themselves. Setting boundaries isn’t rude at all


  3. I get headaches easily so I can understand leaving a party early for having a headache. And I also agree honesty is great. I don’t get why so many people can’t be honest. Is honesty so hard?


  4. I am introverted and large social situations definitely makes me anxious. Weirdly I like talking to new people and don’t feel anxious about approaching new people. That being said when there is too many people i.e. at a party it is too much for me to deal with.


    • There is actually 4 types of introverts. And being intro doesn’t mean you don’t have extrovert behavior or character. ‘Introvert ‘ used and defined as something negative for a long time.


  5. I think most people who are introverted do a good job of hiding it for a season. I am marked as a social lite but in reality if I did not go off and recharge my mind would explode. I NEED the time to help recharge, refuel and push myself back into the crowd so to speak. Great article so insightful!


  6. I do agree with you, totally! I’m a pretty introvert person myself and it can be annoying when people are always telling me I should go out and meet more people. But I don’t feel that I need nor want to do it. I need that time to be alone at home otherwise i get stressed.


  7. I am actually an introvert and I agree with most of the things you said here.. we may not speak so often but yes, we are approachable but we just don’t have the courage to speak up unless we felt the connection.. this post made me feel so uplifted


  8. thanks for the insight, people need to accept and be open to all kinds of people, I don’t judge introverts (or anyone for that matter!) I’m glad you wrote this post to make awareness of this topic. great job!


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