Bootea review 28Days teatox journey guide


This Summer vacation was a bit long, and disappointing, exactly like the start of 2016. I didn’t comply to my fitness plan during the past 3 months. I would do jogging 2 times a week. Maximum 3 times. And to be honest, it’s not the kind of workout that really works for me.

I pretty much broke out every eating rule, too. It was so much fun though, being adventurous with food this summer. But I had to stop being disgraceful to my body. Since I had 6 weeks to kick start before my fall semester. I thought of doing a detox, and lose some of the weight I carried throughout this summer.

This post isn’t sponsored. All opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 


I have tried a mini Detox (14 Days) from an American Company 2 years ago. But My friend Stephanie from Bunnychoice Blog suggested Bootea, and I kinda wanted to try it for sometime! The delivery was quick in 5 days for a worldwide shipping. So that was a Pro! It arrived as this cute Box, and let me take a moment to appreciate how much I love this shade of green and pink.


The 28 Days Teatox contains, 28 bags of Daytime tea, 14 bags of nighttime tea, meal plan.

I am not going to review the meal plan, because I didn’t really need it, and it is kind of stuff you pay for.





Why I Started This Detox by Bootea teatox: Reasons for you to do so

  • Clear my skin from some acne, and enhance its radiant and illumination.
  • Lose some weight
  • Set my body in a healthy mode, AGAIN

How does Teatox work?

In general, Detoxing Tea works up in 2 ways. . If you want just a detox you have to focus on a healthy  food.  If you want to lose weight, you have to focus on working out with ahealthy food But detox doesn’t work if you still consuming junk food, and following unhealthy lifestyle.

Summery of Bootea Teatox:

You have to plan 28 days of healthy meals. Start Night time Bootea Teatox at night, count it the first. The following day drink Day time Bootea Teatox. Night time tea is for every other night. Day time tea is for every day, preferably in the morning.

This is how tea should look like! I enjoyed writing notes to myself!





The water however, shouldn’t be fully boiled. BUT nearly boiled, or else it will be burned! When you burn your tea, It should look like this. And it tastes like a burned mint! Tea doesn’t lose its effectiveness if it is burned, but is better if you are careful with it, so you get full efficiency.



What Happened to me When I Drank it?

First morning after Night time tea, I had a gigantic cramps for few minutes I almost felt like I am giving birth! But few days later cramps were minor, then no cramps. I had a small headache the following day, as a result from coffee withdrawal, and I don’t recommend drinking coffee during your detox days and I didn’t drink coffee too! I usually have throbbing headache if I didn’t drink coffee, but the tea helped me with it! The second day I didn’t had any headache at all!! After 2 weeks the laxative effects was less (from night time tea), almost diminished in the 4th week.


Fitness Tip:
  • The Tea isn’t a magical tea, that burn fat by itself. You should work for it.
  • I recommend 45 minutes of jogging, or fast walking + 15 minutes of cardio. For 4-5 days a week.
  • Do dirty workout! The one that makes you sweat your ass out.
  • Once your stomach started to be cold, that’s mean you sat your body in burning fat mood. I noticed that tea enhance this trick! This cool sensation will stop after you finish your workout, but when you shower with a warm water, you’ll be able to feel it.


Food Tip:
  • Don’t eat food that will produce gas like onion, cabbage, beans.
  • I can eliminate dairy product as you might need them, but if you can replace them with almond milk, cocunut milk, calcium supplements, that would be better.
Overall & Results:
  • It motivated me to lose weight , and to eat healthy as I usually do.
  • I lost 5kg , and I am one size smaller.
  • It tastes like herbs, not sour, just neutral herb majority wouldn’t find it difficult to drink it.
  • My skin is amazingly soft and smooth.
  • It really helped to remove the double chin!!

Have you tried any of Bootea Teatox products before? or any other Detoxing diets? how did it go?  If you would like to know something about the detox I haven’t mention, Let me know in the comments below.



Who is the senior of them all




Here is an idea of my treat on my last weekended before uni started!

Does this look delicious! Yeah it does!! I ordered royal chocolate mousse & Jamaica Almond fudge. Both balls are full of chocolate chips, So while I was eating I guessed that “I am full of chocolate” like I had my chocolate supply till next year!! Excuse the photo I was in the yellow lamp area at the mall, and I turned on camera flash.

Tweeta Story:

When I tweeted this I was having ambivalent emotions. I was already overwhelmed by this fall semester, which is going to be my last semester! Then I am a graduate Registered Nurse. So when Uni starts, and I met my professors and teachers. They were expecting more stuff from me as a senior, but they also have this way.. of comforting us! My overwhelming shifts into confidence with SWAG of course!


 I have a problem with what it called ” Expectations”!! I’ve always expected more achievements from myself, but never reached them. Sometimes I am close enough, but they fly away!

I went to my first day as senior of the seniors, without any expectations and thoughts. My day turned out pretty well! Once we solve the myth, the game of mind.. the path reveals what some of what’s behind. It is a crucial point in my life, this is why I am writing about it.

How do I feel now as a senior?!


It isn’t just about finishing my nursing degree! I had a science degree, where I sat a goal for myself, to work on a laboratory, away from dealing with people!! I wanted to be that solitary person, because I failed to be a leader! Leadership is something meant for me, besides science. I really enjoy having a group, but I can’t be a member without leading this group. Lifting others is important to me also. I can’t see someone troubled without helping them. I guess this is why I succeed in nursing!.. How did I become this qualified person? Probably it is my reward for wishing to help people. A journey I worked hard for it with a lot of sacrifices just to taste this moment.

But how did I become different.. is still complicated.


“Life is a Circle. The End of One Journey is The beginning of The Next”

and until my next journey..

What is your current Goal?