giving sick the stick Autumun self care



Hello healthy people! So I came up with a short list on how I take care of my health during this autumn weather! I am committed to be healthy, and so should you! Cause preventing illness is my number one priority! Here is my autumn care.

  1. I start my morning with this healthy mixture, following it with a cup of water. The mixture contains ( 1 teaspoon of Honey + 1 teaspoon of cinnamon). I experimented its effectiveness by starting it when I had sinusitis, and after eating this mixture for 3 days It started to flush the inflammation. After 1 week, It flushed the inflammation completely. I really felt more than fine, and pain free. This mixture also help as an immunity booster. Do you need an immunity booster! Why don’t you try this out?

Besides, It has Cinnamon which is the most delicious and healthiest spice on earth! And the fact that it is mixed with Honey makes it a powerful (anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory) potion fights internal or external infections. Cinnamon has an effective anti-bacterial property, known for the (Polyphenols),(Cinamaldehyde) the effective compound in the cinnamon. See Cinnamon lip scrub for more usage of this mixture.



2. Hair breakage is a major problem, especially if you have a dry or thick hair! So in a weekly basis I use OGX ever straight Brazilian keratin Serum. It doesn’t only work its job of keeping breakage away! It also smells amazing like caramel!


3. Drinking something warm after long, exhausting day is my favorite thing, and I don’t mean tea! I love preparing oat soup the day before, cause I know I will be nourishing my body with it. I also drink some in lazy nights, and If I skip dinner, I won’t feel guilty or hungry either! -Let me know if you want my recipe for this oat soup-


4. Keeping a good moisturizer in reach is essential. Busy days will make you skip your caring routine, but skin is so prone in cold weather. Dryness contribute in skin aging, and weaken its integrity which makes it vulnerable to eczema or infection. I keep a moisturizer in my bag, on my night table, and another in my pockets!!



5. Your favorite tea: Autumn and winter is all about your hot cup of tea! isn’t it? Herbal tea particularly. My favorite tea is ginger and lemon! Powerful if there is a germ are incubating inside my body!



6. Healthy Snacks:

I always recommend having nuts or dried fruits as snack! But how about mixing it all together!! These bars are on of the most delicious snack that I make sure to eat! You can buy dried fruits from your local farmers market, because why not!?


What do you do to keep yourself healthy in Autumn??


10 thoughts on “giving sick the stick Autumun self care

  1. Hiii 😀

    It’s lovely to read how you keep healthy during autumn (and winter) I will try the cinnamon and honey mixture. WOuld I be able to make a little jar in advance, so I can scoop out a spoon every morning ? Can I also mix it with my morning smoothy/shake ?

    This autumn and winter will be indeed the time to drink oceans of (herbal) tea. I love cinnamon, cloves and star anis. Makes a great winter tea.

    Greetings 🙂


    • It’s okay to mix it with shake or food. So you won’t get bored of it. ALL Studies suggested that you can take this mixture maximum 3 months only. So if you can prepare a jar for 1 month or 2 weeks in advance. Then make some more if you need so. glad you loved it thank you xx


  2. I love seeing how you look after yourself during the cooler months. I am a huge fan of looking after my health (although I do have a mega sweet tooth). I have heard that a great way to start the day is having apple cider vinegar in warm water, so I think I will start starting my day this way.


  3. All of the things you do are great tips to give us! I wish I wasn’t as lazy as I am so I took better care of myself these days cuz this autumn weather always gets me!


  4. I love your tips with the honey and cinnamon blend! What also works very well for me is to cook carrots, mash them and then mix it with water and honey for a sort of cough syrup-ish substance. It works really well against a sore throat and infections 🙂


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