giving sick the stick Autumun self care



Hello healthy people! So I came up with a short list on how I take care of my health during this autumn weather! I am committed to be healthy, and so should you! Cause preventing illness is my number one priority! Here is my autumn care.

  1. I start my morning with this healthy mixture, following it with a cup of water. The mixture contains ( 1 teaspoon of Honey + 1 teaspoon of cinnamon). I experimented its effectiveness by starting it when I had sinusitis, and after eating this mixture for 3 days It started to flush the inflammation. After 1 week, It flushed the inflammation completely. I really felt more than fine, and pain free. This mixture also help as an immunity booster. Do you need an immunity booster! Why don’t you try this out?

Besides, It has Cinnamon which is the most delicious and healthiest spice on earth! And the fact that it is mixed with Honey makes it a powerful (anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory) potion fights internal or external infections. Cinnamon has an effective anti-bacterial property, known for the (Polyphenols),(Cinamaldehyde) the effective compound in the cinnamon. See Cinnamon lip scrub for more usage of this mixture.



2. Hair breakage is a major problem, especially if you have a dry or thick hair! So in a weekly basis I use OGX ever straight Brazilian keratin Serum. It doesn’t only work its job of keeping breakage away! It also smells amazing like caramel!


3. Drinking something warm after long, exhausting day is my favorite thing, and I don’t mean tea! I love preparing oat soup the day before, cause I know I will be nourishing my body with it. I also drink some in lazy nights, and If I skip dinner, I won’t feel guilty or hungry either! -Let me know if you want my recipe for this oat soup-


4. Keeping a good moisturizer in reach is essential. Busy days will make you skip your caring routine, but skin is so prone in cold weather. Dryness contribute in skin aging, and weaken its integrity which makes it vulnerable to eczema or infection. I keep a moisturizer in my bag, on my night table, and another in my pockets!!



5. Your favorite tea: Autumn and winter is all about your hot cup of tea! isn’t it? Herbal tea particularly. My favorite tea is ginger and lemon! Powerful if there is a germ are incubating inside my body!



6. Healthy Snacks:

I always recommend having nuts or dried fruits as snack! But how about mixing it all together!! These bars are on of the most delicious snack that I make sure to eat! You can buy dried fruits from your local farmers market, because why not!?


What do you do to keep yourself healthy in Autumn??


Signs You Need to Relax

Probably you got fed up with everyone around you asking you to chill out! But wither you have noticed your (job burnout) from anxiety and stress. Your body will send you a message to relax before it goes into a nervous breakdown. If you find these signs are happening to you. Chances are you are stressed.

During extreme pressure the body excrete an excess amount of cortisol. This high level of the hormone will affect you in many way.

If you generally are suffering from chronic stress. You are highly vulnerable to infections. So you have to take these signs in account and start to relax.



Having Constant Nightmares: Nightmares is a normal way for your brain to process negativity and stress. More stress means more room for bad dreams hunting you every night.

You Can’t concentrate on tasks/Failing to remember simple everyday stuff: Excess amount of cortisol displays memory loss, mentioned in new studies. As a result from damaging (hippocampus) memories processor and storage area.

Having constant headache from nowhere: It comes as a throbbing headache, or a pressure on any area of the head. It also clusters in temples, jaw, neck as it shown below.


Tension Headache: Areas of Pain Copyright © Nucleus Medical Media, Inc


Being sick for longer than you used to be sick: Sickness experienced as a recurrent flu-like, cold-like symptoms that can not be relieved in a short time. Stress induces excess amount of cortisol, which suppress immune system. Particularly T-Lymphocytes. Also, It restricts inflammation by inhibiting histamine. Which explains delayed wound healing.

Fatigue: And I don’t mean having a normal jet lag, but the kind of fatigue that stops you from doing your daily life activities. Long term effects of excess cortisol associated with impaired cognition, weight gain (especially belly fat), and decreased thyroid secretions that have a vital role in your activity.

Sleepless nights: Sleep should come easily after a long hard day of work. If you’re having an intermittent periods of sleep following fatigued body in the next day! Then you got to relax.

Bad mood for few weeks in a row or maybe months: Which is the worst sign, because you are unable to be productive, and it slows your creativity down. Failing to do the same work you are used to do every day. Plus, feeling the need to be alone, and taking in more than giving away.

Starting drama in public places: Snapping on people, or strangers for insignificant little problems is a clear sign! Probably it was even your fault, but because you can’t think clearly. You start having arguments that makes you look a fool.

What sign you experience when you’re stressed besides these signs? Tell me in the comments below. 

How Intermittent Fasting Aids for Healthier You

Many people find Intermittent fasting is a good way to lose wight. Unlike other diets its cycling periods allow fast and feast times, with restriction on calories. Eating few meals While letting fast works on your body has many other benefits.


Normalize Insulin Hormone and Lower the Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

What happens when you constantly eats random sugary meals, is that your pancreas is becoming exhausted from releasing Insulin Hormone in order to stable the sugar that is circulating in your blood. When pancreatic cells are unable to function properly, person becomes diabetic. Diabetes is a common disease especially if your parents have it, there is a big chance you will get it, too. Fasting lower insulin levels as you stop eating, then body starts breaking down Glycogen as fuel. After that, your body activate burning fat mode. Overall reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Organizing your Meals and stop craving Surgery food

That may sounds weird, but certainly effective than other diets. If your body is working well, and you have enough energy! You want feel the need to eat more sugar!!


Help Reduce Oxidative Stress and Inflammation 

There is unstable radicals known as (Free Radicals) looking to be stable. So what these really do is reacting with important molecules like proteins and DNA and destroy them. Studies proved that intermittent fasting reduce the oxidative stress level by increasing body resistance to it. It also reduce inflammation process by reducing (proinflammatory cytokines), and (tumor necrosis factor).

 Intermittent fasting helps digesting “waste materials”

 Finishing up with the amazing work with inflammation process. Your body is able to get rid of waste materials that we call “debris” which results from metabolism and broken down cells, by enhancing the “engulfing” -digesting- cells in your immune system.

Decrease the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

The overall mechanism of intermittent fasting works on excess bad fats, Which means lowering bad cholesterol(LDL), lowering triglyceride, and other important bio markers for heart diseases. However, It is not promising way, because further studies are needed for this, but it is good way to enhance blood pressure and heart health in general.

The Material provided in Health & Wellness Category is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Is Fasting Good for you

Fasting concept is not far away from what your body really does everyday. Your body is adapted to famine periods without having any problems!


When you go to bed usually you stop eating food at least an hour or two. Your body then goes into a fasting mode after 8 hours from the last meal you have eaten! So, before breakfast your body had no food, or even drinks for about 12-14 hours. When you empty your stomach content, Often you stay away from food, until your body reset it self. What happens when you have blood test the next day is similar. Your Doctor tells you to fast overnight to get precised results on what is really going on on your blood!

So If Intermittent Fasting for about the same tolerable time, during your awaken hours, Will it be GOOD FOR YOU?


When your body goes into a fasting mode after digesting your last meal. Insulin Hormone will drop down. which facilitate usage of glycogen, when sugar storage is finished, your body will start to use excess fat as fuel. Fasting also increase the release of HGH (Human Growth hormone) and Norepinephrine, both increase burning fat for your body to use as energy. In Short, your body will be less susceptible for Insulin Resistance, and you will feel energetic because of the release of other hormones. Some people freak out by the idea of this! But if the case is so why don’t you lose too much weight by stop eating for few days! The answer is because your body takes 8-16 hours to run of sugar and glycogen in order to get in fat burning mode.

How Intermittent Fasting Diet is Different Than Other Diets?


Although in order for fasting to really works, you have to be quiet restricted with CALORIES. BUT It is a cycling periods of fast and feast! You are allowed to eat all kinds of food during feasting time.So it is not restricted by certain food categories. It is also causes less muscles loss, which makes it the perfect diet to retain lean body mass.

Is Intermittent Fasting your Next Diet?

The major drawback from this diet is “starvation”. If you are healthy, and you want to lose few pounds you can do Fasting as your next diet. If you are already in a good shape then Fasting can help you improve your metabolic system, your immune system and other benefits Read it in my next post How Intermittent Fasting Aids for Healthier You.

However, consult your family doctor before doing any diet. And If you fall into these categories, unfortunately you can not do these kind of diets, because it needs an adjustment to certain lifestyle your body can not do, due to its needs for nutrients or other conditions.

History of eating disorders

Loss of consciousness or Seizures

Pregnant and lactating women

Any visual disturbances

Diabetics (not all but according to doctor orders)

Abnormal gait and behavior.

The Material in Health & Wellness Category is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Heart Health Tips


   Take Charge of your Heart Health – February American Heart Month.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. As a future health care provider I would like to take part in raising awareness for causes of Cardiovascular diseases. Because you matter, and your health, too. There are two kinds of Risk factors that individual may come across when talking about Heart diseases, and vascular diseases. First, modifiable ones, which luckily you can totally adjust your lifestyle to prevent or delay the disease. The other are not modifiable, like —Family history of coronary heart disease, and increasing body age! Healthy lifestyle and simple changes can make big differences for both groups. Here are some of my Lifestyle tips to keep your heart away from damage:

  1. The elevator Rule| My usage of escalators or elevators throughout the week is defined by this rule. In the morning I don’t use it for two high story floor? Why would I need to. I love to start my day with a positive energy. Reaching two floors without getting out of breath is an indicator of a good heart & circulation. If your building is 10 stories high or more. Stop the elevator in the middle floor and go up by stairs. This way you won’t have to exhaust yourself, but at the same time, you kept pumping blood through your body. Make sure that you’re wearing a comfortable shoes, that are not tight or wide. Either way it will affect your feet and your health eventually. Go for stairs 3-4 times a day, then you are allowed to use elevator once or twice during that day.

2.  Exercises| They’re the core of your health,  and it’s not legit to let go of them or giving up easily. Exercises isn’t just wearing sport clothes and hitting the gym to push and pull heavy equipment. BUT you can Exercise by doing many moves in your day. You may take a walk, jog, taking stairs. You can move your legs while standing doing your job, or your house work! Movement isn’t just limited to what we sometimes confined ourselves to. Every move counts! 

3.You cannot follow a healthy organic dietary 100% every day every year| And neither do I. But you can replace and pick more healthy choices. After that, treat yourself with one take away meal in the weekend.

  • What do you eat : Decreasing calories by replacing salad dressing with vinegar, lemon, olive oil instead of ready sauces. Use one table spoon of ketchup for your baked sweet potatoes. Use less butter to reduce fats as much as possible.
  • Organizing when do you eat. There is one thing about my meals I can not ever change. I do eat certain amount in a certain time! Plan how many meals you will eat per day, and how many snacks? choose fruits and nuts over candy and chocolate bars. they have the good fat , as well as your body requirements of sugar. Pack cashews, almond, dried fruits to enjoy them, they will fed you up, and will boost your metabolism.



The most important thing in taking care of your health is don’t forget about your loved ones, who cherish every heart beat of yours. So, Don’t break their ..



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Powerful Reasons to Exercise

Have you noticed why advertisers have someone smile while they are running! You probably were thinking about .. How does this person managed to smile, and not struggling gasping for air! Isn’t it the most frustrating thing ever?! How hard is working out for you ? Is it hard that you have to give up after few weeks, because your muscles can’t bear it anymore! or after few months because you have to excuse yourself for being busy?! Advertisers ware selling something else via that ad content, but smiling during running isn’t impossible, and in this post I want to talk about the not scientific reasons why you should stand on your feet and do Exercises.

1__ Being physically fit means that you have a high level of awareness about your health and your body. Because You live in your own body, and you are willing to sacrifice an hour a day to contribute in your well being state for the next 10 years. 

2__ Your Mood & your Ability to Concentrate all enhanced by doing a coordinated body movements. All dancers dance with a smile on their faces. Doesn’t Exercises make an optimist person out of you!

3__ What about body shape! Exercise for a start isn’t a luxurious thing cooky people do to brag about it & pose in front every instagramer camera. Although some do! But the point is if you want to do exercises do it for the love of your body. You might be okay with how it’s look like which leads to my next reason.. 

4__ Workout isn’t about the shape. It’s about behind the shape and by that I mean your HEART muscle not your SKELETAL muscles.

5__ What does Workouts do for your Skeletal system. Well, it comes as a reward which is called ” Free of Fatiguability ” including getting up in the mornings especially Mondays, Jet lag after a long day of work will be easier to heal with the strength your body has. Carrying out your heavy groceries won’t be a problem anymore. Your furniture will turned out to be your personal Gym equipment when you get bored. The most important thing is.. if you have a night shift, you won’t hate it as you did before! Because your body has its working force within it.

6__  Say goodbye to being wide awake because your Good night sleeps from now on are yours!

There you are, your not Scientific reasons why you should exercise. What gets you to Exercise? Tell me in the comments below.


How to Keep your Memory Alive

when I sip tea, I receive reminders through my overwhelmed neuron cells who sometimes lose focus. Tea makes them function properly! while Tea for most of normal people is a time to relax, it’s my time to remember organizing my life before I become screwed for the next 2 weeks. I don’t know what else works for your memory. How to keep your memory alive? let me introduce you to some ideas.


1=Exercises__ is all about pumping oxygenated blood to get you and your body to circulate everything as quickly as you can. So why don’t you pump a little?! if you are a procrastinator then take a look on my post to solve your procrastination exercises here.

2=Essential oils__ the thing with olfactory is associated with a direct path to hypothalamus via the olfactory bulb behind nose. Smell receptors transmit smells immediately. Therefore, deep sniffing of Essential oil enhance concentration during the day. Keep a bottle in your bag or your desk to use it if you need a refreshing air but you can’t go out. Try Grapefruit, Rosemary, Lime and peppermint. 

3=Food__ specifically nuts .. Brain needs fuel as anything else needs to work. Nuts are rich in minerals and omega 3 fatty acids which has a vital role in your health. Cashews for example rich in magnesium which sustain the process of losing memory, while Brazil nuts rich in selenium that aids in manufacturing of the active form of thyroid hormone, assists in healing wounds and upholding your immune system. 

4=Stop smart devices__ especially before bed. How many times specialist warned us about how dangerous this devices are?! when you see new picture that you like, or receive new notification, your electrical activity increase, basically neurons increase their transportation of signals, which is going to increase stimulation of your brain. It is the opposite of what you want to feel before sleep! It is not just your brain who is going to be stimulated, adrenal gland will be stimulated to produce stress hormone to fight your (time to sleep but not) condition. As a result of inner system disturbance, your senses are going to be influenced as well!! Don’t you just feel out of focus after working hours on computer, then you feel you are out of energy! try sometime away from screens every 1 hour of work.

5=Communicate with others__ creates a motive to interact and inspire to give more, and that will help keep your memory working, hence not to forget about things you should have done!

6=Challenge yourself not just memory challenges and puzzle things, but solving personal problems & getting organized! Do you have that one friend who you go to when you are in a trouble, then everything magically by snapping a of hisher fingers, your problems all gone! where do you think heshe came with this brilliant ideas?! It is all from getting in troubles themselves and having a large data base of solving issues! 

Her you are, my top tips for keeping your memory alive. What’s your tips?