Planning Your Perfect Holistic Vacation

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If you’re already tired of leading a hectic life the majority of people are struggling with, welcome to the club! We understand your troubles, and if you would like to know how to deal with them properly, stay with us. Planning on a perfect holistic vacation is exactly what you need – some specialized retreats will help you bring your life in balance. The combination of physical activity, proper diet, and enjoying your own peace will surely help you manage that. Here are five useful tips that’ll help you do it.


Consider timing

While planning on a perfect holistic vacation, the first thing you should bear in mind is certainly timing. This is particularly important if you want to save some money, because off-peak times are much cheaper. Besides that, these are less crowded, too, which is one more advantage. If you tend to carefully plan and organise your activities months in advance, this can save you even more cash!


Give yourself a break


No matter if you’re an experienced yoga enthusiast, or just a beginner in this Hindu practice, it’s essential that you give yourself a break. Don’t be too ambitious and plan on visiting several retreats one after another – that will exhaust you and prevent you from relaxing and having a good time. Instead, choose the one that perfectly suits your needs and have the time of your life! In fact, it’s all about having fun. If your instructors are having a blast, you’ll have it, too! Apart from yoga, you can always choose some other activities, such as surfing, cooking, biking, etc., depending on what your retreat offers. You’ll inevitably spend some quality time there!


Go in groups

The rule says that it’s much cheaper to travel in groups than all by yourself, so take advantage of that and keep the money in your pocket. The group you’re travelling with doesn’t have to be that big – three people are just fine. You can even travel only with your best yoga buddy – that may cut your expenses by half! However, in case you don’t have a travelling companion, you should consider booking a double room. It’s much cheaper than a single-bed room, while there’s always a chance of getting a great random roommate who shares the same passion – yoga and holistic vacations!


Eat well – live well


Even though many people tend to go wild when it comes to food and drink while on vacation, the truth is that holistic retreats don’t advocate overeating and overdrinking. Everything is about balance – eating healthy in combination with exercising will bring you peace sooner than you probably hoped for. Don’t worry, if you weren’t aware of that fact, you’ll learn it very soon. Embracing healthy eating habits is one more step towards healthier life, which is even more enhanced with practicing yoga or any other kind of physical activity.


Ditch the smartphone

While nourishing your body and soul in a holistic retreat, your smartphone should be far from your reach. The reason is fairly simple – you don’t need the pressure of an e-mail pileup while being on your perfect vacation! The only thing you need your smartphone for is to order gorgeous swimwear online – you’ll need some stunning bikinis while staying there, so put your phone to a good use and get some fashionable pieces at affordable prices!


As you can see, planning on a perfect holistic vacation is not as tricky as you probably thought. All you have to do is to bear in mind your personal interests and preferences, because fulfilling your needs should be your top priority. After all, it’s a holistic vacation you’re planning on, and it definitely includes relaxing and dealing with the spiritual side of your personality.

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Bootea review 28Days teatox journey guide


This Summer vacation was a bit long, and disappointing, exactly like the start of 2016. I didn’t comply to my fitness plan during the past 3 months. I would do jogging 2 times a week. Maximum 3 times. And to be honest, it’s not the kind of workout that really works for me.

I pretty much broke out every eating rule, too. It was so much fun though, being adventurous with food this summer. But I had to stop being disgraceful to my body. Since I had 6 weeks to kick start before my fall semester. I thought of doing a detox, and lose some of the weight I carried throughout this summer.

This post isn’t sponsored. All opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 


I have tried a mini Detox (14 Days) from an American Company 2 years ago. But My friend Stephanie from Bunnychoice Blog suggested Bootea, and I kinda wanted to try it for sometime! The delivery was quick in 5 days for a worldwide shipping. So that was a Pro! It arrived as this cute Box, and let me take a moment to appreciate how much I love this shade of green and pink.


The 28 Days Teatox contains, 28 bags of Daytime tea, 14 bags of nighttime tea, meal plan.

I am not going to review the meal plan, because I didn’t really need it, and it is kind of stuff you pay for.





Why I Started This Detox by Bootea teatox: Reasons for you to do so

  • Clear my skin from some acne, and enhance its radiant and illumination.
  • Lose some weight
  • Set my body in a healthy mode, AGAIN

How does Teatox work?

In general, Detoxing Tea works up in 2 ways. . If you want just a detox you have to focus on a healthy  food.  If you want to lose weight, you have to focus on working out with ahealthy food But detox doesn’t work if you still consuming junk food, and following unhealthy lifestyle.

Summery of Bootea Teatox:

You have to plan 28 days of healthy meals. Start Night time Bootea Teatox at night, count it the first. The following day drink Day time Bootea Teatox. Night time tea is for every other night. Day time tea is for every day, preferably in the morning.

This is how tea should look like! I enjoyed writing notes to myself!





The water however, shouldn’t be fully boiled. BUT nearly boiled, or else it will be burned! When you burn your tea, It should look like this. And it tastes like a burned mint! Tea doesn’t lose its effectiveness if it is burned, but is better if you are careful with it, so you get full efficiency.



What Happened to me When I Drank it?

First morning after Night time tea, I had a gigantic cramps for few minutes I almost felt like I am giving birth! But few days later cramps were minor, then no cramps. I had a small headache the following day, as a result from coffee withdrawal, and I don’t recommend drinking coffee during your detox days and I didn’t drink coffee too! I usually have throbbing headache if I didn’t drink coffee, but the tea helped me with it! The second day I didn’t had any headache at all!! After 2 weeks the laxative effects was less (from night time tea), almost diminished in the 4th week.


Fitness Tip:
  • The Tea isn’t a magical tea, that burn fat by itself. You should work for it.
  • I recommend 45 minutes of jogging, or fast walking + 15 minutes of cardio. For 4-5 days a week.
  • Do dirty workout! The one that makes you sweat your ass out.
  • Once your stomach started to be cold, that’s mean you sat your body in burning fat mood. I noticed that tea enhance this trick! This cool sensation will stop after you finish your workout, but when you shower with a warm water, you’ll be able to feel it.


Food Tip:
  • Don’t eat food that will produce gas like onion, cabbage, beans.
  • I can eliminate dairy product as you might need them, but if you can replace them with almond milk, cocunut milk, calcium supplements, that would be better.
Overall & Results:
  • It motivated me to lose weight , and to eat healthy as I usually do.
  • I lost 5kg , and I am one size smaller.
  • It tastes like herbs, not sour, just neutral herb majority wouldn’t find it difficult to drink it.
  • My skin is amazingly soft and smooth.
  • It really helped to remove the double chin!!

Have you tried any of Bootea Teatox products before? or any other Detoxing diets? how did it go?  If you would like to know something about the detox I haven’t mention, Let me know in the comments below.


Spring Detox & Skincare Guide

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Be Informed and Make a Difference

Winter has always been very cruel to my skin, and no matter how hard I try to follow all the winter-proof routines, I always end up with dry and dull skin, inflammations, irritations, acne breakouts and clogged pores. So, you can understand why I simply cannot wait for spring to come. Now, before enjoying all the spring blossoms and amazing temperatures, I have to do a full-blown skin detox and adjust my skincare to the current weather. Since this always works for me, I would like to share my methods with you, so that you could start your spring detox as soon as possible, and get ready for summer.

Take off Your “Winter Coat”

Now it is time to get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells. Remember to do a complete exfoliation of your whole body, not only face (neck, chest, legs, hands, arms, and feet). You can purchase a scrub in a store, but you can also make your own at home. Baking soda and water combo can do the trick in most of the cases, but I prefer the honey+ sugar + oatmeal scrub recipe. Now rub that scrub!

Start from the Inside


This is mine, and it will probably be yours least favorite part, but it actually works. In order to get rid of toxins attacking your skin, you have to change your diet first. Drinking a lot of water (8 to 10 glasses) is the first step. You can add a few drops of lemon for the taste. Also, green tea is helpful for detoxification. In this period, you should minimize the amount of caffeine you are consuming, and also avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Base your diet on smoothies made of berries, nuts, red grapes, avocado, broccoli, acai berries, pumpkin seed, etc.

Get Some Steam

Exfoliating sometimes leaves behind some dead skin cells and dirt trapped in pores. The best way to be really done with those troubles is to steam your face. Here is my steaming process in several steps:

  1. Bring to boil distilled water.
  2. Add a few drops of lavender oil.
  3. Pour the water into a glass bowl.
  4. Cover your head with a towel and place above the bowl.
  5. Stay over steam for 10 minutes.


Moisturizing is the most important part of every skincare routine, especially if you have troubles with dry skin like me. After the exfoliation + steam combo, your skin should be able to absorb moisturizer better than ever before. So, find different types of moisturizers for face, neck, lips, body, feet and hands and start massaging them on. These are the best moisturizers out there that I can recommend you to try and test.

Establish a Routine


Now that you have finished with the detox part it is time to adapt your skincare routine to the season of the year. Everyone has different routine, depending on complexion and skin type. For me, that is washing, cleansing, toning, moisturizing (daytime and nighttime moisturizers) and exfoliating once in two weeks. I tend to forget some of the steps, so I always write it down on a large piece of paper and hang it on the bathroom wall, so that I would remember it before going to bed and after washing my face in the morning.

Go All Natural

For me, spring is the time when Mother Nature shows us all of her art and creativity, and we should respond the same, by using all natural products. That goes for both skincare products and makeup. Do not think that natural products are not effective. On the contrary, I recommend Youngblood makeup products, which is a mineral formula without preservatives, chemical dyes and binders. My face looks flawless and younger after applying it. I have made it my mission for every product I own, from lip balm to mascara, to be organic, and so should you.

Now, enjoy your fresh and glowing skin.


Free Printables and My Current Stressors

I know I am more stressed than I really should, nor I am in position to talk about lowering stress levels, but God I have so much (do’s) in so little days! which is probably why I am writing this post. To ventilate, and to let you know guys why am I not blogging lately, especially my Health & Wellness readers! I have so many drafts and ideas to post as soon as I finish my top priorities for this semester.


It is officially Spring Break for me, so I thought to write about the things that are stressing me out, and I can not keep up with anymore. I start to be more dysfunctional person from how many assignments, projects, community works that I have to do! Plus my clinicals and after clinical evaluation!! This post is about college lifestyle, so if your are not into it, then I recommend you head over to read my other categories in my mean menu or sidebar. Now.. here are my current life stressors

1_ To Do Lists.. are really freaking me out! University work, quizzes, midterms and assignments. If I started to write them down in a Planner or on a To Do List organizer, they seemed a LOT! I keep looking at the paper, trying to perfect my handwriting, so the parer will look neater and therefore, more appealing to me to read and actually cross these tasks out! But How much things I have to keep up with .. is freaking me out! I prefer to print out a monthly calendar to highlight the important dates on my studying area wall! That’s all.

2_ My phone is a panic attack creator! Seriously.. I hate to check it out.. I have at least 4 whatsapp groups. Every one of them is demanding to finish up my part of the work! Reminding me of the deadlines!! While I am inside another mess, trying to keep up with this course study, or that course with a two weeks abandoned textbook. I just hate doing assignments, while I still have a huge units I haven’t studied yet?! How the hell am I going to do the assignment, if I don’t know what is it about?!

3_ Looking at my results after every damn thing has to be marked! Because I know it wasn’t that perfect, and I am going to ” Lose Marks ” over stupid things like not having enough time to do it, or because the members of the group didn’t put off enough effort! They stress me out over due dates, then they come unprepared and all ends up on my marks to set me on the edge for the rest of the semester!

4_ Asking for new collaborations, conferences, community work! As if I don’t have enough work already! even though the date is due to next moth or so, but Lord! I have upcoming chapters need to be studied, haven’t I??

5_  Laundry stink at the basket, when it is just mid of the week!! And I have nothing to wear for the rest of the week! So of course I have to wash them up!

6_ Food! Oh my! I am glade I could keep up with my jogging -yay for it- but I have to prepare meals otherwise, I would starve at lunch time for my clinical days! Usually it takes up to 60-90 minutes to prepare breakfast and lunch for the following day, cause I have to wake up super early, and I have no time to prepare a breakfast! I sometimes think of fitting (Rantidine) in my diet schedule in case I am having ulcer with all the stress i am going through these months Lol.

As a thank you note for sticking around with me and reads my rants sometimes, I want to share these amazing Free Printables that I looked for to reorganize my self again, and to stop myself from To Do Lists intimidating fears!!


Mothly Calendar


2016 calendar from This Little Street If you like a daily reminder on your wall. I recommend this cute Calendar. Click the photo to get it.

Weekly To Do Lists:


Weekly to do list from Skip To My Lou. Click the photo to get it.




Weekly to do list from Alice and Lois. Click the photo to get it.



Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 2.58.57 PM

Weekly to do list from Shake Shakee. Because it looks like my blog template so cute.Click the photo to get it.

Planner stickers, although I don’t use them but they are so pretty!


These are gorgeous because my spirit animal is Fox! click the photo to get them.


Black planner sticker from Scrapcraftastic. They are suitable for any planner! Click the photo to get them.



Yellow! I just adore bright colors. This planner sticker are from Vintage Glam Studio. Click the photo to get them

Hope you Like my Printables choices ! XX

Anti stress-anxiety Adult Coloring-Book

wpid-bombshell drawer blog.jpg

Hello guys,

Recently I was on a stressful busy schedule. My mistakes and failures bring me down. Making me angry and frustrated on all that effort & time I spent to do a particular task!
I am a left brain person, my scientific mind knows a little about Art, but definitely sacred it! I like the creativity of Art & how artist illustrate figurative colors to speak up louder than my voice! My eyes love colors. I feel comfortable in the presence of beautiful things around me!

I found myself repeating a crappy doodling manner to ventilate, or ignore unbearable speeches.






The result of it was ” I feel a bit better “. Then I saw Adult coloring Book in one of my favorite fitness blogger/Youtuber Carly , Which leaded me to the complete idea, that I have to have this! Coloring will place me in a position to be in control of something! which encourage my perfectionist character. Therefore, will left my soul and set me in balance.

Finally I went to the bookstore to look into the stationery to find a book that fits my taste!

wpidBombshell Drawer blog.jpg

Click the pic to get the book!

wpidBombshell Drawer blog 9.jpg

wpid-Bombshell Drawer blog.jpg

wpid-14Bombshell Drawer blog.jpg

wpidBombshell Drawer blog 8.jpg

wpid-144Bombshell Drawer blog.jpg

wpid-Bombshell Drawer blog00.jpg

wpid-Bombshell Drawer blog58.jpg

wpid-iBombshell Drawer blog 215252.jpg

Click the Pic to get the book!

Why did I loved this book regarding others? well.. It has many many different illustration. Perfect for my temperamental mind?! So It will give me a variety of choices to color for any kind of stress, or hard days!!! Besides its a small sized book,  which makes you able to carry it with you everywhere!

How do I color? I just flip the pages to find which is good for me today, and start my therapy.

What colors do I use? Faber-Castle coloring Ecopencils. Joke! I mean I use 3-4 colors according to my mood, or my illustration. I try to make the colors fit and looks beautiful.

How Long does the coloring process takes? As much as you want!

Happy Coloring Therapy, Let me Know what Books are you using?


Easy Trick to Make Any Shoes Comfy


I have discovered a new way to take care of my feet during 8 hours shift! and surprisingly! I felt relief. The pressure at the end of the day has gone! My foot is 80% happier by this product. So,  if you wear your shoes for a long time, &  have aching feet at the end of the day? Keep reading this,  it will make any shoes as comfortable as it post to be?! 

Some women use it to pad up their high heels, which is great to protect your feet.



However, I use it as an extra layer in my white shoes. My feet just aching, and hurting after my shift. My Nike Shoe hasn’t enough support. I experience soreness especially on my heel, and under my big toe. I was looking for Sketchers memory foam to stick it inside my Nike, but I couldn’t get my hands on them. Payless has this Gel Massaging Insole, and I told myself let’s try something new. I wasn’t expecting this fascinating result to be honest! but It did work very well. I am so fussy though! Sketchers provide very comfortable insole, as if you are walking on a cloud.


Anyway, This sticky insole is a cheap idea to make your shoe comfy, weather it is a trainer or high heels or any shoe! The benefit will be cushioning your steps, protecting from shocks, and painless feet at the end of the day.

It comes in a package for 1 pair, be aware for the size, mine fit size 6-10 UK. The gel insole available in Paige boring color, but I preferred leopard prints.

It has this cell shapes for toes & heel areas, the glue however, is all over the insole!Simply take it off from the package and stick it to your shoe.

So when do you need to change your Insole? well my advice for you is whenever you feel it can’t do its job anymore. If you could have Sketchers, Dr.Scholl They are great deals as well, and they have a UniSex Items!


Have you Tried any of these ? what is your favorite brand?

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How to Get Back Your productively as a writer

secret window (Movie) fil starring : johnny depp. One of my favorite movies that thought me and inspired me!

Secret Window (Movie), Film Starring : Johnny Depp. One of my favorite movies that tought me and inspired me!

Writing is a creative way in sharing and documenting events of mind! I consider writings as a way of expressing ourselves, thus comes the importance of putting words into a correct approach. If writing is your game,then you hate to lose in it!


Writers block is when you are in a condition where you can’t produce an original idea, or loses your creativity in completing a script or a text. Hopefully, this is temporary condition, and you can over come it by generating creativity again! Yes creativity is a sort of energy – don’t argue I am a scientist -.
Let me tell you how to quaff your energy:

1St/ Take a time away from your connections. Tide up the papers. Organize your notebooks. Turn off your devices, and leave your desk! And don’t you go to social media!

2end/ Stop the tension, and start to relax!
Set a relaxing mood for yourself. Take a bath or go to walk in the evening (least to see people). You may pray ( do some prayers ) or book a massage session, do some yoga , go cardio or boxing! As long as you are doing a solo activity that makes you relax! I recommend this  ( relaxing ) time , so you don’t think about writing , or the problem that you are facing. This step is so important because your brain needs to take a break from thinking!

3rd/  after you settled down the chaos inside you/around you. You are now ready for your next move, which is fixing your inspirations. Ask yourself? What does it really inspire you to write? Is it something inside you?! Is it a book.. Is it a person.

4th / find out your passion.
What do you like the most, and you would write out it? Did you developed a new interest lately. I guess writing makes us grow up and you might have this new thing you have to write about! It will become your new passion.

5th/ After answering 3 & 4 .
You are now into two different pathways ;
You either go to a familiar place and blind with your people, family and old friends. Or you go to a new place where it can help you with your new passion. Now you are good to go.

Tell me about your experience in facing writer’s block/ gridlock? How did you over come it?

The Bombshell

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