NUXE skin cleanser review

Do you know how hard is to find affordable-good value product for normal skin?

Its’s hard to find something that doesn’t strip your skin from its natural oils, or something that doesn’t leave it heavy, oily, with acne the following day! Normal skin does have problems! but you shouldn’t have skin problems to fall into a skin care category!

My skin isn’t all year normal. It turned out to (combine) for some seasons, or some days! but lately it was more like acne-prone, and I had to really do something about it!

This post isn’t sponsored. All opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 

NUXE Normal%2FCombinationSKINReview

I have seen NUXE stand on BOOTS shelves for a long time, and our BOOTS is a little bit pricey! I always take a look for something suitable for my skin though. Rose Petals Range is always out of stock! When I was in an urgent need for a cleansing product, I looked into it and ordered it online. I am glade I did, as my skin looks so much better!

NUXE Eau de Mousse Micellaire Micellar Foam Cleanser 150 ml

NUXE Micellar Foam is so gentle and light! I felt a difference since the first wash. My skin looked a bit radiant, and with time, acne disappears, skin feels softened, and soothed.  It works for me all year long, so that’s a bounce. It washes out easily. It also so worth the value, I have been using this bottle 2-3 times a day for 3 months and I just ran low on it.

How to use: apply it with the tip of your fingers and massage. If you your skin is so oily massage it till you feel a tingling sensation, then wash it. For maximum results I recommend mixing it with the Cleansing Milk. 

Active ingredients:
 * Cleansing : combination of Ultra Soft Micellar Surfactants. *Emollient: Damascena Rose Petal Floral Water. *Moisturizer effects: Allantoin.

NUXE Lait Démaquillant Confort Comforting Cleansing Milk 200ml

The Cleansing Milk is so gentle as well, and it removes all make up, even around the eyes, but it doesn’t remove mascara or eyeliner.

How to use: Don’t wet your face. Apply and massage by the tip of the fingers till you feel your skin absorbed it. Wash it with water. I use it to refresh my skin mid day! As it is so gentle. If your skin exposed to environmental factors, cleanse post workout… This is the product to go. 

Active ingredients:

*Cleansing: cotton oil derivative, coconut oil. *Nourishment: Macadamia oil. *Emollient: Damascena Rose Petal Floral Water.


Have you used any of NUXE products before? What are you currently using?


My Empty Box for ProjectEmptyBloggers

Hello There!

Me and Stephanie aka Bunnie created this | Project Empty Blogger |check it out and Join us! to push ourselves, and use up the neglected products inside our DRAWERS! So it is time for them to see the light and get some love before Expiration Date!!

| Drum Sound|… Here is my Empty Box!!




I am just glade that my box isn’t huge! I used to buy too many products that don’t fit my taste, or my skin, and then I have to wait for that time when I have to though them! It is such a waste of money! I gradually started to buy less stuff, and make sure I will use them. If I am not sure I just I don’t buy it!!

For these products I will tell their stories one by one 😀


This serum is from last summer! It works just fine with its same brand day cream. I stopped using it because, I hated to use it with another brand of day cream! I think it just works better with applying it as a base for (Clarins day cream), and not another brand! But the bottle is almost quarter,so I will try to finish it!


I was looking for Peachy Blusher. BH cosmetics just released their new range and I am open to try new brands! after I purchased this, I read few reviews that this brand isn’t good! My main concern was I have a history of skin allergy, but I am going to give it a trail and then see!

Kinda forgot how much I love this red lipstick ..and I want to use it again! So I added it to my box.


My first trial for smoky eyes using eye shadows. I am a natural make up lover! I can not bear layering my face! I wanted to buy something cheap, and in hand to use it for everyday smokey look! but I failed to touch it, as I am very busy to do such thing! and even if I have morning time, I don’t feel ready unless I have tried it the other night!


I am more Powder user for everyday look! but again I said why don’t I use a BB cream, but then I got medium so I don’t look pale! but it turned out to be too dark for my skin tone! and I hate tan!! I will use it with lighter powder and see how it works!


for the rest of my box, I still have Dry Shampoos to use. I hop in shower immediately, and haven’t had the chance to use them. I have this Alo Vera Jelly and I used it to treat dandruff and skin allergy, they also recommand it as a mask for pimples, so I will try to do that! Sudocream for allergy purposes and to cure blemishes but again, I failed to do that!

This is what happen ladies, when you ask someone to buy something for you! They always buy the wrong product!!! I was wondering why this apricot exfoliator didn’t die just yet haha!! Its expiry date on 2017! It is nice and I like its smile! it has Gentle exfoliation, which totally suits my skin! It is in my shower now and I started to use it already yay for that!


I am one of those people who got allergy after using e.o.s lip balms! So this was untouched, I gave it away to my colleague. In return she gave me these hair accessories, and I am such a hair band girl and totally fall in love with them! and I will add them to my box!!


Following lovely ladies signed up to do project empty with us! And for that they deserve a mention and a link. Go and visit their blog and follow them on Instagram to see their progress !!!


Hager from

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Shannon from @lushtwilightprincess


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Project Empty Bloggers | #projectemptybloggers

Heyhey 😀

I know most of us love to buy and try makeup and skincare products, but some of them end up been put aside because we keep using our same routine stuff! We even go ahead and restock our shelves with the same old products that we have been using for ages and never even open and try that new one we bought a few months ago. Maybe you are scared or just too lazy to bring that new product into use.


Sometimes we buy a new product and like it so much we never want it to get empty. So, We put the nearly empty container in the closet, and forget about it. We even forget to restock the products, because we still have a little bit left and maybe it was an expensive product to start with or it’s discontinued.

That is why we (@Bombshelldrawer and @Bunnywunnie8) started this Project, to empty forgotten, unloved, neglected and/or nearly empty products. Or at least try to empty them and get a good use out of them 🙂 Be creative, you can use beauty, skin care, food, toiletries, clothes, and more! Your closets will be cleared up before summer and you will have more space for new things.


We want to encourage you to join us to do this project. Tell everyone about it on your blog, Instagram,  Twitter    Facebook Page    Pinterest    Bloglovin   Google + or whatever social media you use.

We will unite under the hashtag #projectemptybloggers. That way we can find all pictures and shared blogpieces easily.

The concept of #projectemptybloggers is  simple. Collect a few items that need to be used up, because they are neglected, unloved, tucked away in a closet for too long or are about to expire. Put them in a box, or just together in a special place and use them up within 3 months.


#projectemptybloggers starts on the 1st of April 2016 and ends June 30th 2016.

It’s also the intention to make a blogpiece to announce that you are participating in this project. The progess can be put into a blogpiece or just as pictures on instagram. At the end of the 3 months there is to be another blogpiece to write about your experience.

If you are interested in joining us and take the journey to an emptier closet together, please let us know by commenting on this blogpiece or simply sending us an e-mail

Let us know on what social media you will be taking part so we can mention and link you in the blog piece that will be posted on April 1st giving the official start to #projectemptybloggers.


We are looking forward to hearing from you 😀

Be Happy

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My Basic Nail Care Routine| Yves Rocher

Greeting Ladies,

In a previous post I reviewed my gorgeous winter nail polishes. Take a look at the post here if you haven’t already. In today’s post I want to show you my basic nail care routine, and how I keep my nails healthy!

Back when I was working in sails, I discovered this French Store Yves Rocher. Which I wasn’t convenient with at the beginning, but my coworkers insists that I go visit it to take a look on their fragrances. Afterwards, I fall in love with their nail care products!! They are good quality and the results are immediate after the first use!



First thing first, I am always careful with my meals choices. I pick up healthy choices as possible as I can! Which helped me to have less skin breakdowns, cracks, and less pigmentation above my proximal nail fold.. And to aid in that process I mainly depend on two simple steps:

1__ Exfoliation the cuticle: So this product called ” Correction Cuticle Exfoliating Nail Treatment” . With a sweet almond milk formula and light sent. It is a special defoliator for nail bed and surrounding folds. Scrubs the impurities of the nail and polish the surface for smoother and neater look. Gently apply a circular massage motion to get a fascinating look. I am not a fan of pedicures and how cruel your nails being treated, because removing too much layers can open up to introduce pathogens under your nails. This defoliator is about 12 US$.



2__ Repair Cream: This cream called ” Anti-Breaking Nail Strengthener”. This cream is amazing!! and It is all what you need for your nails before going to bed! It is with a cocoa butter based formula, and its sent isn’t a coca sent, but a mixture of fresh delight sent! It regenrates your nail strength, cure brittle dry nails! If you suffer from weak nails, you may want to try this. Massage it around your nails and folds for like 3 minutes. Leave it to works on your nails for at least 4 hours. I highly recommend it after removing your nail polish, or you can apply it before sleep. You will wake up to amazing results from the first use! This treatment is about 14.86 US$.




Here is my Basic Nail care routine. What do you use for your nails?! Let me know in the comments below xx

Winter Nails and Confidence

 bombshell drawer blog-nails.jpg

Hello My Ladies!

It is my favorite season in the year! Winter isn’t just good to me because I have allergy that is rarely attack me in winter Lol. But because I find solitude and rain, Which by the way are two events that make me feel Good! Although I’m a bright color nail girl, I loved to try dark colors this time! And  I fall in love with them and would like to share these colors with you. They are budget friendly with a magical and luxurious touch! 

I have always thought that Girls who do their nails are having their life together! painting a coat was very hard to me, and I saw how my friends were experts in moving the wound to flash a nice neat painting coat. It was fascinating to me. Until I have discovered that Nail polish is all about Confidence! Yeah seriously, to master this art you have to do it again and again, with full confidence in yourself! You have to feel steady and strong inside, So this will flow outside your soul. How do you feel after painting your nails? don’t you feel a good feeling inside & outside?!


wpidbombshell drawer blog-nails 0817.jpg

wpid bombshell drawer blog-nails00901.jpg

wpid-bombshell drawer blog-nails.png

To get to this results, especially under light you have to go with 2 coats. It dries super fast,

which is why I fall in love with it!



wpid-bombshell drawer blog-nails 00728.jpg

wpid-bombshell drawer blog-nails 00950.jpg

wpid-bombshell drawer blog-nails.jpg


I was surprised by how good this brand. They are easily applied, and the color is rich and witty! you can wear them for up to 4 days, but after that I like to remove my nail polish, and paint my nails again. You need one coat only! to reach out this amazing results!



How Do You Feel When You Paint Your Nails?

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5 Simple ways for Summer Hair..


During Summer, we get overwhelmed over our strong shiny hair, and feel lazy to take care of it! I figured to add some tips to get it through the season. After all, I don’t want a weak or brittle hair at the beginning of fall semester! Here’s 5 simple tips to achieve extra healthy hair.

 1. Don’t Skip The Conditioner! You would want your hair to feel healthy after shampoo! Conditioner basically is (ready moisture enriching formula), gives instant conditioning results!

 2. Rinse with cold water! This part of cleaning my hair is my favorite. I keep a bottle of cool water -fresh drinking water- to rinse my hair before drying it with a towel. It flushes salty water or chlorinated swimming pool water, leaving my hair less frizz and less tangled! Also, cold water closes pores and cuticles , so no dirt can inter through my scalp! Finally, cold water sealed the conditioner giving my hair the opportunity to shine!!

 3. Use a Hair Mask Once Week! hair mask replenish your hair. Weather it’s a home made or a drugstore one. Make sure it has the perfect hydrated element for your hair type like avocado or coconut,  because it’s effectively going to repair the damage.

 4. Leave In Cream! I know how much most of us don’t like it! But for this summer you need to let it work its magic to tame the frizz and maintain those curl soft & gorgeous! All you need is a walnut size, rub it between your palms and apply it to your hair sections by fingers. You may as well, choose the consistency that goes with your thick or dry or thin hair!

 5. Use a Heat Protector even when you’re not going to use any hot tools! Because why not!! Think about it if a heat protector going to shield 230 degree or more.. it’s definitely good to shield sun heat on the beach! Some brands provide heat protectors with UV protection. Avail them both and you’re ready for your vacation!