How to deal with an introverted friend

The Introverts Series got popular! If you missed the 2 parts here they are:

Part 1 Unravel the introvert

Part 2 The perks of being an introvert

So I of course created my list on How To Deal With An Introverted Friend


1__ do you remember when I told you about how good an introverted person as a friend is! Do you go to them because they are truthful and they keep your secrets! Now let me explain why introverted highly prefer staying alone after something bad has happened to them! Because they are just like you. Would prefer to go for them! When they need someone to talk to!! They simply go consult themselves! They are professional therapist anyway (wink). 

2__ Don’t let me feel I am left alone just because I prefer to set alone to charge myself.. Please don’t!! if there is someone who is over (we stopped being friends because we stooped to talk to each other) is introverts, because they cherish their friends. 


3__ Don’t go behind my back just because I am not social as much as you do! because it hurts a lot! Don’t go every time to new places without telling me. You can always tell me, even though you know I will not go to that event with you!

4__ Would you love to know why I leave parties on (an early time)! because I get a headache!! I am not partying human as much as you do!I am the opposite of what everyone else thinks! I am satisfied with a limited time for what we call ( FUN) So don’t pull too hard on that limb! When I have my fun I leave!

5__ I take more time to heal than anybody else! So Don’t rush it, it pushes me down!


6__ You probably asked yourself a lot?! Why am I setting alone for most of my time? Isn’t kinda boring and stupid!! NO IT IS NOT!! and you don’t have the right to judge me!! (moody/ antisocial/ hate people/ unsophisticated/ .. and the list goes on). As I said I am self sufficient I entertain myself. 

7__ What the hell with “Stop Inviting Me to Plans” ?! I am not ignoring you nor I am antisocial! I just have many things going on my head and being alone sort them out! Besides, spending time with myself (and not Alone) It equals to the good activities that you do with people! Yes it does. First, I like to work so much on my hobbies, a lot. Second, the creative side in me is at its BEST. I am still a cool friend to you , otherwise you wouldn’t talk to me!

8__ Which leads to the next point. I unconsciously prefer quality time! In another word ” Time with family and close friends ”

9__ I aren’t exhibit anxiety around people! No I am not suffering from anxiety and I am not uncertain or irresolute, but I take time to think,  and make my choices, because I can’t jump into every event like extroverts do. 


10__ Finally, and I am not sure if all introverted folks agree with this, BUT PLEASE be honest with me no matter what! I appreciate your honesty weather it’s now or later, that’s up to me, when I figure things out! but what I am sure of is.. I like honesty!


Am I missing something introverts? Let me know in the comments below.



The perks of being an introvert!

see part 1 of this series ? Unravael the Introvert


Part 1 – Unravael the Introvert

#1 — Self learning : Is unlimited to a time or a a place. You love to spend time alone , and You don’t need an individual to teach you something, which isn’t a skill everybody has. It explains why you are a step ahead than your peers.

#2 — Real Genius :  If you are capable of teaching yourself, or to look into sources to find an information without a help, you spare yourself a lot of time for the learning process! And then, you would do something even better! Such as gaining more knowledge about a particular subject or a science! You’re smart enough to do this alone with full confidence and readiness!

#3 — You Don’t waste your time: If you asked me what is the one thing I hate the most, and will continue to hate for ever.. It got to be “I hate wasting my time”.  I hate someone who wastes my time and keeping me waiting!! Who let me wait for his late work he/she didn’t hand!

#4 — Punctuality : Your friends mock you for being on time, but showing up early gave you advantages. Being on time helped you build your professional reputation.

#5 — Have Your mind focused 24/7 : It is such a great feeling having it all!! Everything is done, organized. I am not in a rush running every day to my destination! Most importantly.. Everyone is happy with me, and my WORK!

#6 — Everyone hates you, but you gave them a good reason to! They hate us because we don’t talk too much!! that is stupid!! And For all of the above reasons.. people tends to envy you. Like how the hell are you that lonely person, but you are the one who everyone gives a credit to?! -because you were wrong about me- and I love when I am RIGHT.

#7 — Your company doesn’t take you out of focus : Introverts never distrait, at least grownups one. If they are kind of distracted, they must think of something serious. Besides, choosing the right company for the right place make them enjoy the moment! Make them FOCUSED.

#8 — You do others a favor by being aware in the surrounding environment : Sometimes no one appreciates the little help you did to them, like following them to hand them their key when they dropped it while day dreaming! But it means a lot to you because you are a GIVER.

#9 — You are a friendly person even if you can’t see it : Not all introverts want to punch everyone in the face! We aren’t crazy, and we don’t have anger issues! Besides our minds full of much good things than everyone thinks of us! Introverts do good deeds, and it comes purely from their hearts! Which make them very good people.

#10 — You are safe from many troubles extroverts jumps in: This privilege has become my favorite lately, because I see how my colleagues rush in, being reckless, jump in conclusions, while my inner peace holds me back from embarrassing myself. I like to call it “setting in an angle position”. It doesn’t only saved me from troubles, it helped to build up my confidence.


What is your perks of being an introvert? am I missing something? Let me know in the comments below.


Unraveal the Introvert

There is only two types of people in the world. Britney Spears was right (Circus Album) ?! Okay never mind, but you should listen to it, it was one of my favorite. Back to the point. People are two kinds. The giver and the taker. Introverts and extroverts! My name is introvert.. In order to get to know my world! Let me introduce you to myself.


Status: professional Introvert by birth.

Personality: Independent, motivated, sarcastic. “wait this sums up my entire life, no need to read the entire post!! JOKE keep reading : ) “

Identity: Girly girl

When you fall in one of these two categories that doesn’t mean you only have a morbid personality of an “Introvert” or an ” Extrovert”! In other words, your characteristics aren’t a solid introvert or extrovert. You’re for sure carrying some characteristics from the other category, but the dominant one is what prevails the other.

Any introverted personnel underwent same feelings! Struggling because of how world received them. Unravel The Introvert Series is honoring you as human. For youngster introverts.. please don’t let anyone makes you feel shitty. The majority of population are extroverts, but intros aren’t less than them. They are givers, and they may not appear so, because they set boundaries. If the givers didn’t set boundaries.. takers will not! Hence why they are careful with “giving” – once they feel comfortable with it there is no problem-. They like their work to be appreciated. Extros throw their good deeds everywhere, So one day they want the same help to get back to them! Everyone wants something in exchange! So Don’t feel less than anyone!

Introvert has been used negatively anyway! I kinda want it to be destroyed!!


Seriously google?! Shy and reticent! Guess what we are more than these (two qualities)! Yes I am an introvert. I choose to stay focused, so I spend time by myself doing my things.. ! Besides, You talk so loud, and your acquaintances friends yesterday diagnosed you with “diarrhea of the mouth”! What is good (Reticent)! haha, that’s non of your dam business!

Let’s take a look on my favorite Definition of Introvert in Urban Dictionary:


It is not a holistic definition by its mean,but this definition deserves a small clap!

slow clap2

Oh yeah.. The clap sounds unfriendly and bitchy!Dahh.. Top mistaken labels of us. We don’t talk too much, but I am proud to have a knowledge about myself, and true awareness of my feelings. I think before I speak. My true friends call me a ” Thoughtful person” because of that quality.

Ignored Altogether

interacting with people is so joyful an all. However, I am self sufficient I entertain myself. I am glad to be ignored by killing conversations, and – Extra crap- talk.

Less “Social Genes” 

I have this classmate who constantly trying not to leave me setting by myself during breaks! She pops up everywhere I set, and makes a hassle while she sat! At the beginning it was nice, and I appreciate her effort, although I really wanted to set to review stuff or skipping the world, but choosing to spend time with me talking about fun stuff was fine. After few times, She started to talk about how setting alone can affect people mental health!! A couple of times, she made a conversation intervention on the same topic!! Which made me reconsider her gesture Asking myself “Am I appearing as ” Psycho” to her?!” That is not nice at all!!

Despite appearing -lonely- Introverts socialize and interact with everyone around them.They have good lives. They have close friends who appreciate their other point of views in many subjects. They also appreciate everyday people and the everything has the universe to offer. I’m an intro and, I’m an outgoing easy to talk person. I don’t make fun of people or label them just because they looked awkward once! Time with family is precious…

Do you know what else is precious?


My time alone! It is where I charge myself, and then I come back with my amazing characteristic you can find it in my next post The Perks Of Being An Introvert

Things your Mom can not Do when she has a chronic illness

Hello There!

Today’s post is a bet different, because I want it to be a more of (Group Therapy) than tips to be on the grind! The topic is What has been changed in your life when your parent has to live with a chronic, epidemiological illness! Life can not be the same!


Three years ago, my Mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Day after day I realize that I am missing  doing something with my Mom. I came up with this list, which might be a little childish!

  1. You can’t ask her if the weather is too cold or not. She probably has an altered thermal sensation, so if you wanted to confirm bringing your coat, you have to find another way! There are weather apps, weather news, and you can check out the weather yourself, But .. your Mom knows better!!
  2. You can’t ask her if the food is too spicy, too salty, or even bland! Because she has altered taste sensation as a result of a medication side effect! Besides, she follows special diet!
  3. You can’t go to places where the light is so bright and sparkly! or too load and crowded! She has to be in less disturbing environment, and she can not bear the photo sensitivity.
  4. She was not in mood to talk! Because she is in pain. She feels dizzy, and has blurred vision, and she is ready to sleep!
  5. You can’t eat a treat and share it with her, even though it used to be her favorite! Which is the most devastating things ever!

Do your parent have a chronic illness? What Do you miss with your parent?

Career Change in Mid Twinties


Are you a twenties fellow feeling drift looking for your career! Did you just graduate from college ,or maybe you just got in?!  Do you consider what job you want to gain experience in. Did you get a job and you consider changing it, or changing a whole career?! If yes then this post might help. I’ve changed career myself, and let me tell you why.

Focus on The Reasons and Be Aware of the Consequences

After my graduation from college of science, I found myself lost!  I had a cultural shock.! No one ever talks about what happens to you after university degree, other than – Post graduate Movie – they just assume you will get it, fit in, and blend with whatever new community you will join. I am a 90’s kid and ambitious. I wanted to reach to attain a position, but I had a vague idea on how to make it !

Some of you out there may know how to achieve their dreams. Others, have a clear path to a life career! BUT what about us?! How we can deal with this situation!

There are many reasons why we are having quarter life crisis. As there are many obstacles we all cross by. One of which that I didn’t have much job opportunities to choose in order to persuade a career. Simply I didn’t find a job that could have a fulfilling career for me in the upcoming 2-5 years. Furthermore, I couldn’t enter in a Master/Postgraduate program from my school or a nearby that I can afford. After that, the pressure increased day by day to persuade a career, even if that means going for one I am not convinced of. Parents, friends, relatives and colleagues asking ” Have you got a job yet ?”. Within your frustration don’t blame yourself. It is not your fault. Getting a job after graduation takes a time, for some people

As a result of inconvenient job..

Job Hopping begins. We work for few companies in a year or two! In this stage everyone including your boss may point a loser finger at you! He/She makes you feel bad, because of failing to do a certain task, or assignment. Don’t fall for it. You can not be a loser for failing to do certain tasks!


Tips to help you find your Job/Career


# Take A Time To Decide What’s Your True Passion. Again- what are you good at? What skills have you polished and grown!

# Do More Training If your problem is your need to have more training, then don’t be shy. Go and do this right. You are never old to learn. It is going to take you one year or two, then you will make it.


# Think of What Type of People you Want to Work With This step will really help if you know what you are good in?!! Is it leading a group ?Or dealing with clients (what type of clients?). When you answer this question it will clear out your next step to your career position. You may choose a whole different career than your current one, but as long as you’re good at it, you will succeed. Bear in mind changing personality through out this time, and your character development with age. Don’t forget your interests also changed.

# Applying For New Degree Or Course –  As myself did. Beside science ,I love health care field, finally I got accepted in Nursing school. Currently I am doing well. And it doesn’t make me stand far from what I have had studied. You need a plan alongside applying to a new degree. How long does it take to graduate this time? And How to pay for degree?


# Be Persistent-  If you asked me about one thing successful people do, I will tell you (Be Persistent) for anything you are good at. You are wiser , and older  which means you are also WISER. Better as a person this time. Be the professional that you have dreamed of.

# Be Smart In Your Socialization –  Your network can’t be the same as college. In order to become a better person you need to set with better company. Think of what kind of social events for example will expand your network for a better career.


# Finally,

Consider Drawbacks and Changes -But don’t let them bring you down! Ups and downs are part of our life, it’s a normal rhythm reminds us of our humanity, so don’t give up.

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