Signs You Need to Relax

Probably you got fed up with everyone around you asking you to chill out! But wither you have noticed your (job burnout) from anxiety and stress. Your body will send you a message to relax before it goes into a nervous breakdown. If you find these signs are happening to you. Chances are you are stressed.

During extreme pressure the body excrete an excess amount of cortisol. This high level of the hormone will affect you in many way.

If you generally are suffering from chronic stress. You are highly vulnerable to infections. So you have to take these signs in account and start to relax.



Having Constant Nightmares: Nightmares is a normal way for your brain to process negativity and stress. More stress means more room for bad dreams hunting you every night.

You Can’t concentrate on tasks/Failing to remember simple everyday stuff: Excess amount of cortisol displays memory loss, mentioned in new studies. As a result from damaging (hippocampus) memories processor and storage area.

Having constant headache from nowhere: It comes as a throbbing headache, or a pressure on any area of the head. It also clusters in temples, jaw, neck as it shown below.


Tension Headache: Areas of Pain Copyright © Nucleus Medical Media, Inc


Being sick for longer than you used to be sick: Sickness experienced as a recurrent flu-like, cold-like symptoms that can not be relieved in a short time. Stress induces excess amount of cortisol, which suppress immune system. Particularly T-Lymphocytes. Also, It restricts inflammation by inhibiting histamine. Which explains delayed wound healing.

Fatigue: And I don’t mean having a normal jet lag, but the kind of fatigue that stops you from doing your daily life activities. Long term effects of excess cortisol associated with impaired cognition, weight gain (especially belly fat), and decreased thyroid secretions that have a vital role in your activity.

Sleepless nights: Sleep should come easily after a long hard day of work. If you’re having an intermittent periods of sleep following fatigued body in the next day! Then you got to relax.

Bad mood for few weeks in a row or maybe months: Which is the worst sign, because you are unable to be productive, and it slows your creativity down. Failing to do the same work you are used to do every day. Plus, feeling the need to be alone, and taking in more than giving away.

Starting drama in public places: Snapping on people, or strangers for insignificant little problems is a clear sign! Probably it was even your fault, but because you can’t think clearly. You start having arguments that makes you look a fool.

What sign you experience when you’re stressed besides these signs? Tell me in the comments below.