Planning Your Perfect Holistic Vacation

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If you’re already tired of leading a hectic life the majority of people are struggling with, welcome to the club! We understand your troubles, and if you would like to know how to deal with them properly, stay with us. Planning on a perfect holistic vacation is exactly what you need – some specialized retreats will help you bring your life in balance. The combination of physical activity, proper diet, and enjoying your own peace will surely help you manage that. Here are five useful tips that’ll help you do it.


Consider timing

While planning on a perfect holistic vacation, the first thing you should bear in mind is certainly timing. This is particularly important if you want to save some money, because off-peak times are much cheaper. Besides that, these are less crowded, too, which is one more advantage. If you tend to carefully plan and organise your activities months in advance, this can save you even more cash!


Give yourself a break


No matter if you’re an experienced yoga enthusiast, or just a beginner in this Hindu practice, it’s essential that you give yourself a break. Don’t be too ambitious and plan on visiting several retreats one after another – that will exhaust you and prevent you from relaxing and having a good time. Instead, choose the one that perfectly suits your needs and have the time of your life! In fact, it’s all about having fun. If your instructors are having a blast, you’ll have it, too! Apart from yoga, you can always choose some other activities, such as surfing, cooking, biking, etc., depending on what your retreat offers. You’ll inevitably spend some quality time there!


Go in groups

The rule says that it’s much cheaper to travel in groups than all by yourself, so take advantage of that and keep the money in your pocket. The group you’re travelling with doesn’t have to be that big – three people are just fine. You can even travel only with your best yoga buddy – that may cut your expenses by half! However, in case you don’t have a travelling companion, you should consider booking a double room. It’s much cheaper than a single-bed room, while there’s always a chance of getting a great random roommate who shares the same passion – yoga and holistic vacations!


Eat well – live well


Even though many people tend to go wild when it comes to food and drink while on vacation, the truth is that holistic retreats don’t advocate overeating and overdrinking. Everything is about balance – eating healthy in combination with exercising will bring you peace sooner than you probably hoped for. Don’t worry, if you weren’t aware of that fact, you’ll learn it very soon. Embracing healthy eating habits is one more step towards healthier life, which is even more enhanced with practicing yoga or any other kind of physical activity.


Ditch the smartphone

While nourishing your body and soul in a holistic retreat, your smartphone should be far from your reach. The reason is fairly simple – you don’t need the pressure of an e-mail pileup while being on your perfect vacation! The only thing you need your smartphone for is to order gorgeous swimwear online – you’ll need some stunning bikinis while staying there, so put your phone to a good use and get some fashionable pieces at affordable prices!


As you can see, planning on a perfect holistic vacation is not as tricky as you probably thought. All you have to do is to bear in mind your personal interests and preferences, because fulfilling your needs should be your top priority. After all, it’s a holistic vacation you’re planning on, and it definitely includes relaxing and dealing with the spiritual side of your personality.

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giving sick the stick Autumun self care



Hello healthy people! So I came up with a short list on how I take care of my health during this autumn weather! I am committed to be healthy, and so should you! Cause preventing illness is my number one priority! Here is my autumn care.

  1. I start my morning with this healthy mixture, following it with a cup of water. The mixture contains ( 1 teaspoon of Honey + 1 teaspoon of cinnamon). I experimented its effectiveness by starting it when I had sinusitis, and after eating this mixture for 3 days It started to flush the inflammation. After 1 week, It flushed the inflammation completely. I really felt more than fine, and pain free. This mixture also help as an immunity booster. Do you need an immunity booster! Why don’t you try this out?

Besides, It has Cinnamon which is the most delicious and healthiest spice on earth! And the fact that it is mixed with Honey makes it a powerful (anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory) potion fights internal or external infections. Cinnamon has an effective anti-bacterial property, known for the (Polyphenols),(Cinamaldehyde) the effective compound in the cinnamon. See Cinnamon lip scrub for more usage of this mixture.



2. Hair breakage is a major problem, especially if you have a dry or thick hair! So in a weekly basis I use OGX ever straight Brazilian keratin Serum. It doesn’t only work its job of keeping breakage away! It also smells amazing like caramel!


3. Drinking something warm after long, exhausting day is my favorite thing, and I don’t mean tea! I love preparing oat soup the day before, cause I know I will be nourishing my body with it. I also drink some in lazy nights, and If I skip dinner, I won’t feel guilty or hungry either! -Let me know if you want my recipe for this oat soup-


4. Keeping a good moisturizer in reach is essential. Busy days will make you skip your caring routine, but skin is so prone in cold weather. Dryness contribute in skin aging, and weaken its integrity which makes it vulnerable to eczema or infection. I keep a moisturizer in my bag, on my night table, and another in my pockets!!



5. Your favorite tea: Autumn and winter is all about your hot cup of tea! isn’t it? Herbal tea particularly. My favorite tea is ginger and lemon! Powerful if there is a germ are incubating inside my body!



6. Healthy Snacks:

I always recommend having nuts or dried fruits as snack! But how about mixing it all together!! These bars are on of the most delicious snack that I make sure to eat! You can buy dried fruits from your local farmers market, because why not!?


What do you do to keep yourself healthy in Autumn??

Bootea review 28Days teatox journey guide


This Summer vacation was a bit long, and disappointing, exactly like the start of 2016. I didn’t comply to my fitness plan during the past 3 months. I would do jogging 2 times a week. Maximum 3 times. And to be honest, it’s not the kind of workout that really works for me.

I pretty much broke out every eating rule, too. It was so much fun though, being adventurous with food this summer. But I had to stop being disgraceful to my body. Since I had 6 weeks to kick start before my fall semester. I thought of doing a detox, and lose some of the weight I carried throughout this summer.

This post isn’t sponsored. All opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 


I have tried a mini Detox (14 Days) from an American Company 2 years ago. But My friend Stephanie from Bunnychoice Blog suggested Bootea, and I kinda wanted to try it for sometime! The delivery was quick in 5 days for a worldwide shipping. So that was a Pro! It arrived as this cute Box, and let me take a moment to appreciate how much I love this shade of green and pink.


The 28 Days Teatox contains, 28 bags of Daytime tea, 14 bags of nighttime tea, meal plan.

I am not going to review the meal plan, because I didn’t really need it, and it is kind of stuff you pay for.





Why I Started This Detox by Bootea teatox: Reasons for you to do so

  • Clear my skin from some acne, and enhance its radiant and illumination.
  • Lose some weight
  • Set my body in a healthy mode, AGAIN

How does Teatox work?

In general, Detoxing Tea works up in 2 ways. . If you want just a detox you have to focus on a healthy  food.  If you want to lose weight, you have to focus on working out with ahealthy food But detox doesn’t work if you still consuming junk food, and following unhealthy lifestyle.

Summery of Bootea Teatox:

You have to plan 28 days of healthy meals. Start Night time Bootea Teatox at night, count it the first. The following day drink Day time Bootea Teatox. Night time tea is for every other night. Day time tea is for every day, preferably in the morning.

This is how tea should look like! I enjoyed writing notes to myself!





The water however, shouldn’t be fully boiled. BUT nearly boiled, or else it will be burned! When you burn your tea, It should look like this. And it tastes like a burned mint! Tea doesn’t lose its effectiveness if it is burned, but is better if you are careful with it, so you get full efficiency.



What Happened to me When I Drank it?

First morning after Night time tea, I had a gigantic cramps for few minutes I almost felt like I am giving birth! But few days later cramps were minor, then no cramps. I had a small headache the following day, as a result from coffee withdrawal, and I don’t recommend drinking coffee during your detox days and I didn’t drink coffee too! I usually have throbbing headache if I didn’t drink coffee, but the tea helped me with it! The second day I didn’t had any headache at all!! After 2 weeks the laxative effects was less (from night time tea), almost diminished in the 4th week.


Fitness Tip:
  • The Tea isn’t a magical tea, that burn fat by itself. You should work for it.
  • I recommend 45 minutes of jogging, or fast walking + 15 minutes of cardio. For 4-5 days a week.
  • Do dirty workout! The one that makes you sweat your ass out.
  • Once your stomach started to be cold, that’s mean you sat your body in burning fat mood. I noticed that tea enhance this trick! This cool sensation will stop after you finish your workout, but when you shower with a warm water, you’ll be able to feel it.


Food Tip:
  • Don’t eat food that will produce gas like onion, cabbage, beans.
  • I can eliminate dairy product as you might need them, but if you can replace them with almond milk, cocunut milk, calcium supplements, that would be better.
Overall & Results:
  • It motivated me to lose weight , and to eat healthy as I usually do.
  • I lost 5kg , and I am one size smaller.
  • It tastes like herbs, not sour, just neutral herb majority wouldn’t find it difficult to drink it.
  • My skin is amazingly soft and smooth.
  • It really helped to remove the double chin!!

Have you tried any of Bootea Teatox products before? or any other Detoxing diets? how did it go?  If you would like to know something about the detox I haven’t mention, Let me know in the comments below.


Who is the senior of them all




Here is an idea of my treat on my last weekended before uni started!

Does this look delicious! Yeah it does!! I ordered royal chocolate mousse & Jamaica Almond fudge. Both balls are full of chocolate chips, So while I was eating I guessed that “I am full of chocolate” like I had my chocolate supply till next year!! Excuse the photo I was in the yellow lamp area at the mall, and I turned on camera flash.

Tweeta Story:

When I tweeted this I was having ambivalent emotions. I was already overwhelmed by this fall semester, which is going to be my last semester! Then I am a graduate Registered Nurse. So when Uni starts, and I met my professors and teachers. They were expecting more stuff from me as a senior, but they also have this way.. of comforting us! My overwhelming shifts into confidence with SWAG of course!


 I have a problem with what it called ” Expectations”!! I’ve always expected more achievements from myself, but never reached them. Sometimes I am close enough, but they fly away!

I went to my first day as senior of the seniors, without any expectations and thoughts. My day turned out pretty well! Once we solve the myth, the game of mind.. the path reveals what some of what’s behind. It is a crucial point in my life, this is why I am writing about it.

How do I feel now as a senior?!


It isn’t just about finishing my nursing degree! I had a science degree, where I sat a goal for myself, to work on a laboratory, away from dealing with people!! I wanted to be that solitary person, because I failed to be a leader! Leadership is something meant for me, besides science. I really enjoy having a group, but I can’t be a member without leading this group. Lifting others is important to me also. I can’t see someone troubled without helping them. I guess this is why I succeed in nursing!.. How did I become this qualified person? Probably it is my reward for wishing to help people. A journey I worked hard for it with a lot of sacrifices just to taste this moment.

But how did I become different.. is still complicated.


“Life is a Circle. The End of One Journey is The beginning of The Next”

and until my next journey..

What is your current Goal?

NUXE skin cleanser review

Do you know how hard is to find affordable-good value product for normal skin?

Its’s hard to find something that doesn’t strip your skin from its natural oils, or something that doesn’t leave it heavy, oily, with acne the following day! Normal skin does have problems! but you shouldn’t have skin problems to fall into a skin care category!

My skin isn’t all year normal. It turned out to (combine) for some seasons, or some days! but lately it was more like acne-prone, and I had to really do something about it!

This post isn’t sponsored. All opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. 

NUXE Normal%2FCombinationSKINReview

I have seen NUXE stand on BOOTS shelves for a long time, and our BOOTS is a little bit pricey! I always take a look for something suitable for my skin though. Rose Petals Range is always out of stock! When I was in an urgent need for a cleansing product, I looked into it and ordered it online. I am glade I did, as my skin looks so much better!

NUXE Eau de Mousse Micellaire Micellar Foam Cleanser 150 ml

NUXE Micellar Foam is so gentle and light! I felt a difference since the first wash. My skin looked a bit radiant, and with time, acne disappears, skin feels softened, and soothed.  It works for me all year long, so that’s a bounce. It washes out easily. It also so worth the value, I have been using this bottle 2-3 times a day for 3 months and I just ran low on it.

How to use: apply it with the tip of your fingers and massage. If you your skin is so oily massage it till you feel a tingling sensation, then wash it. For maximum results I recommend mixing it with the Cleansing Milk. 

Active ingredients:
 * Cleansing : combination of Ultra Soft Micellar Surfactants. *Emollient: Damascena Rose Petal Floral Water. *Moisturizer effects: Allantoin.

NUXE Lait Démaquillant Confort Comforting Cleansing Milk 200ml

The Cleansing Milk is so gentle as well, and it removes all make up, even around the eyes, but it doesn’t remove mascara or eyeliner.

How to use: Don’t wet your face. Apply and massage by the tip of the fingers till you feel your skin absorbed it. Wash it with water. I use it to refresh my skin mid day! As it is so gentle. If your skin exposed to environmental factors, cleanse post workout… This is the product to go. 

Active ingredients:

*Cleansing: cotton oil derivative, coconut oil. *Nourishment: Macadamia oil. *Emollient: Damascena Rose Petal Floral Water.


Have you used any of NUXE products before? What are you currently using?

Signs You Need to Relax

Probably you got fed up with everyone around you asking you to chill out! But wither you have noticed your (job burnout) from anxiety and stress. Your body will send you a message to relax before it goes into a nervous breakdown. If you find these signs are happening to you. Chances are you are stressed.

During extreme pressure the body excrete an excess amount of cortisol. This high level of the hormone will affect you in many way.

If you generally are suffering from chronic stress. You are highly vulnerable to infections. So you have to take these signs in account and start to relax.



Having Constant Nightmares: Nightmares is a normal way for your brain to process negativity and stress. More stress means more room for bad dreams hunting you every night.

You Can’t concentrate on tasks/Failing to remember simple everyday stuff: Excess amount of cortisol displays memory loss, mentioned in new studies. As a result from damaging (hippocampus) memories processor and storage area.

Having constant headache from nowhere: It comes as a throbbing headache, or a pressure on any area of the head. It also clusters in temples, jaw, neck as it shown below.


Tension Headache: Areas of Pain Copyright © Nucleus Medical Media, Inc


Being sick for longer than you used to be sick: Sickness experienced as a recurrent flu-like, cold-like symptoms that can not be relieved in a short time. Stress induces excess amount of cortisol, which suppress immune system. Particularly T-Lymphocytes. Also, It restricts inflammation by inhibiting histamine. Which explains delayed wound healing.

Fatigue: And I don’t mean having a normal jet lag, but the kind of fatigue that stops you from doing your daily life activities. Long term effects of excess cortisol associated with impaired cognition, weight gain (especially belly fat), and decreased thyroid secretions that have a vital role in your activity.

Sleepless nights: Sleep should come easily after a long hard day of work. If you’re having an intermittent periods of sleep following fatigued body in the next day! Then you got to relax.

Bad mood for few weeks in a row or maybe months: Which is the worst sign, because you are unable to be productive, and it slows your creativity down. Failing to do the same work you are used to do every day. Plus, feeling the need to be alone, and taking in more than giving away.

Starting drama in public places: Snapping on people, or strangers for insignificant little problems is a clear sign! Probably it was even your fault, but because you can’t think clearly. You start having arguments that makes you look a fool.

What sign you experience when you’re stressed besides these signs? Tell me in the comments below. 

How to deal with an introverted friend

The Introverts Series got popular! If you missed the 2 parts here they are:

Part 1 Unravel the introvert

Part 2 The perks of being an introvert

So I of course created my list on How To Deal With An Introverted Friend


1__ do you remember when I told you about how good an introverted person as a friend is! Do you go to them because they are truthful and they keep your secrets! Now let me explain why introverted highly prefer staying alone after something bad has happened to them! Because they are just like you. Would prefer to go for them! When they need someone to talk to!! They simply go consult themselves! They are professional therapist anyway (wink). 

2__ Don’t let me feel I am left alone just because I prefer to set alone to charge myself.. Please don’t!! if there is someone who is over (we stopped being friends because we stooped to talk to each other) is introverts, because they cherish their friends. 


3__ Don’t go behind my back just because I am not social as much as you do! because it hurts a lot! Don’t go every time to new places without telling me. You can always tell me, even though you know I will not go to that event with you!

4__ Would you love to know why I leave parties on (an early time)! because I get a headache!! I am not partying human as much as you do!I am the opposite of what everyone else thinks! I am satisfied with a limited time for what we call ( FUN) So don’t pull too hard on that limb! When I have my fun I leave!

5__ I take more time to heal than anybody else! So Don’t rush it, it pushes me down!


6__ You probably asked yourself a lot?! Why am I setting alone for most of my time? Isn’t kinda boring and stupid!! NO IT IS NOT!! and you don’t have the right to judge me!! (moody/ antisocial/ hate people/ unsophisticated/ .. and the list goes on). As I said I am self sufficient I entertain myself. 

7__ What the hell with “Stop Inviting Me to Plans” ?! I am not ignoring you nor I am antisocial! I just have many things going on my head and being alone sort them out! Besides, spending time with myself (and not Alone) It equals to the good activities that you do with people! Yes it does. First, I like to work so much on my hobbies, a lot. Second, the creative side in me is at its BEST. I am still a cool friend to you , otherwise you wouldn’t talk to me!

8__ Which leads to the next point. I unconsciously prefer quality time! In another word ” Time with family and close friends ”

9__ I aren’t exhibit anxiety around people! No I am not suffering from anxiety and I am not uncertain or irresolute, but I take time to think,  and make my choices, because I can’t jump into every event like extroverts do. 


10__ Finally, and I am not sure if all introverted folks agree with this, BUT PLEASE be honest with me no matter what! I appreciate your honesty weather it’s now or later, that’s up to me, when I figure things out! but what I am sure of is.. I like honesty!


Am I missing something introverts? Let me know in the comments below.